Summer Reading Technology Project by Logan Mantezolo

Character Analysis

The protagonist is June and Day the antagonist is the society. The other main characters consists of Metias, Thomas, Tess, and Commander Jameson


The exposition is that Day is visiting his family for if they have the plague, and the exposition for June is that she got in trouble for climbing a building in a restricted area. The rising action is when Day breaks in a hospital to find the plague cure for his family because one of his brothers was diagnosed with the plague in the way he found a solider and stabbed him in the shoulder when he made his get away. The rising action for June is that she later in the day was escorted to her brothers crime scene where he was dead Commander Jameson said that Day did this, and that's when June started to hunt Day. Another rising action is when Day hears about someone who has the plague cure and decides to go and meet the person. June dresses in a disguise and waits to meet Day she show's him proof that she has the cure but Day knows its a trap so he runs away. The other rising action was when Day saved June when she was stabbed and getting trampled by a crowd. June knows it was Day and calls a whole group of soldiers to his family's house. The Climax is when Day see's solider's at his family's house and try's and fight but his mother gets shot and he finds out June was with them and he was taken to custody. The falling action is when June ask's Day if he killed her brother and Day say's that he didn't kill her brother. June finds proof that Day didn't kill her brother and finds the killer to be her friend Thomas. June also finds that the Republic purposely send's out the plague to the poor sectors. June makes a plan to save Day. The resolution is when June sets a team to rescue Day and then they make there way in an alley. The theme is society can decisive anyone and the tone is tense.


One of Day's Family members had the plague and he broke in a hospital to find a cure but found nothing but the stabbed a soldier in the shoulder. The soldier was found dead and June the sister of the solder Metias tried to hunt down Day. June hunts him down and finds his family and calls the Republic for soldiers to capture them and him. June then finds out that the Republic lied to them all about the death of Metias, that Day killed him and how they spread the plague in the poor sectors.