It’s been great to see all the happy faces on Tuesday nights, both long time trainers and newbies. We had PUPPY CLASS! That’s always fun!

It’s time to register for the Spring Session. Included in this issue is the registration form for existing canine students. New dogs, regardless of whether they belong to a current member, need to register thru Michelle Jaworski

As always, we need all the assistance we can get from our members. I’m asking that first hour students and instructors come 15 or 20 minutes early and help put up the gates and the last hour students and instructors help take down some of the gates. Utility only needs one ring gated, the side closest to the state. If the first hour members/students can also pull out 4 mats – 2 short brown mats on the wall side, and 2 longer green mats for the stage side. Your help will be appreciated and will allow the dogs to jump safely. Also, you can use the ring until classes start at 6:15 for practice time!

Any comments, suggestions, etc can be sent to me at Also, Karen Schaubel (Assistant DOT) is at training on Tuesday nights – you can also talk to her if I’m not there.

Stay warm, and see you all on Tuesday nights!

Barb Krynski


Rand Park Dog Training Classes

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Congratulations Skeeter! You're never too young to win!

When I was entered in a trial at the Sheboygan DTC this fall, the club advised they were having a day-of entry for the Farm Dog Certificate (similar to the CGC for farm dogs). Well, I decided to enter my puppy, Skeeter, who was 9 1/2 months old. She got her title!!! When she got to the flock of chickens, she just stood there and looked at them as if to say "what height do they jump?"

Sonny Lund

Session Date Reminders - Spring 2020

Orientation - Session Ends: 2/25/2019 - 5/12/2020

Class Begins: March 4, 2020

April 2, 2020: Annual Meeting

Training Hours that night are: 6:15-6:55, 6:55-7:35, 7:35-8:15, 8:15-8:55

Way to go Barney!!!

On 12/29/19 Barney got his Barn Hunt Senior title with 2 second placements and a first placement.

Patti Stitz


A Shout Out for all handlers that are interested in the AKC Scentwork Trial Premium. Check out the flyer for more information.

Proud of Scheiss for two more titles!

Up at Packerland Kennel Club in Green Bay, Scheiss earned her AKC Novice Standard and Novice JWW titles. On to Open...


\/)" (\/

Scholarship Program through AKC

Click Below for more information.

Chicagoland Family Pet Expo

Rand Park will have a booth at this show. We are looking for volunteers to help staff the booth. If anyone with an appropriate dog(s) as described below can volunteer and bring their dog(s) that is wonderful (but not required). Hours are below. We get only 2 parking passes and 6 show passes. After that we need to pay for all parking and show passes. So if we can get folks willing to do a 4 hour shift or for a day that would be better than shorter shifts. Info is below and flyer is attached.

PLEASE HELP US PROMOTE: Lastly, we ask that you are making your best efforts to help promote the show. You will find a promotional coupon attached and at Please spread the word on event calendars, websites, e-mail blasts and social networking sites. Print them off and give them to friends

Move-In: Thursday, March 19th 9am-6pm & Friday, March 20th 9am-12pm

Show Hours: Friday: 1pm- 9pm; Saturday: 9am-6pm; Sunday: 10am-5pm

Move-Out: Sunday, March 22nd 5pm-10pm

Animals at the Show: Exhibitors may bring pets, however, they must be confined to your booth area and not in the aisle or walked around the event. All animals must have age appropriate vaccinations. Please bring proof of current rabies, distemper shots, no females in heat and only properly socialized animals are allowed. Show management reserves the right to remove any persons or animals from the event. All animals are required to enter in the exhibitor entrance on the east side of building.

Relief Areas/Clean-up: Please only use the designated Pet Relief areas located on the southwest and northeast corners of the building. We ask that you are a responsible pet handler by picking-up after them.

Questions, please email Teena Horne at

A Modeling Job is in his Future

My dog, Zephyr, although not an obedient superstar, was chosen “Mr. February “for the 2020 Vizsla Club of Illinois calendar. That should take the chill out of a usually cold month at least in this house.

Judy Wells


Q. Why aren’t dogs good dancers?

A. Because they have two left feet!

Q: What do you call a cold dog?

A: A Chilli Dog.

Q: What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator?

A: A friend you can count on.

Q: What do you get if you cross a gold dog with a telephone?

A: A golden receiver!

Q: What kind of dog does Dracula have?

A: A bloodhound!

Q: What do dogs do after they finish obedience school?

A: They get their masters.

Q: Why did the dog cross the road?

A: To get to the “barking” lot!

A woman called our airline customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board.

“Sure,” I said, “as long as you provide your own kennel.” I further explained that the kennel needed to be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit down, turn around, and roll over.

The customer was flummoxed: “I’ll never be able to teach him all of that by tomorrow!”


Daylight saving time 2020 in Illinois will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 8

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