We should all have iPads in school!

By:Abby Bozell

First I will tell you a few things about my oppinion,"Why we should be using iPads more in school."


Apps have over 65,000 education apps desingned especially for the iPad and growing, just about every subject learning style and grade level is a covered.


By using the iPad and Airplay, teachers can demonstrate a procedure, once recorded it and then play it back on a larger screen for for students to veiw.
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Apple TV and iPads in the Classroom
More Reasons That we Should Have iPads in School

31 Reasons You Should Be Using iPads in the Classroom

Reasearch and Study

A research study,conducted in Auburn Maine showed that students in Kindergarden who were using iPad scored much higher on literacy tests than students who were not.
With the apps such as iBooks, students and teachers can create interactive textbooks feturing 3-D graphics, vidios, and the ability to take notes. It has increased the level of learning through interaction and particapation.
Clocking in at right around 10 hours the new iPad Air definetly has plenty of legs to get through the school day.