employment and income budget

Brette and Allica

Thriving Employment

  • Develops new transferable skills
  • Employment by Thriving business, with comprehensive benefit package
  • steady advancement in chosen career

Safe Employment

  • Has attained marketable skills
  • employment by secure company offering some benefits
  • long term employment

Risky Employment

  • Minimum or entry level job skill
  • Short term, temporary, no employment, no benefits, no growth opportunities
  • Lack job-seeking skills

Thriving Income Budget

  • Allows family choices
  • Saves 10 percent of income
  • Established relationship with financial institution
  • Pays bills on time; manages debt load without depriving family
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Safe Income Budget

  • Meets basic family needs
  • plans, sticks to monthly budget; saves when possible
  • Able to secured credit
  • Pays bills on time; delays purchases to handle debt load
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Risky Income Budget

  • Can't meet basic needs
  • Spontaneous inappropriate spending; no saving
  • Unable to obtain credit
  • Unpaid bills; overwhelming debt load
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