dogs are awesome?

why are dogs awesome?

dogs are awesome because they are just awesome. They are cool,awesome,sweet,cute,fun,

playful.These are dogs not puppy's.


puppy's are baby dogs not a dog yet a puppy.puppys are cute,sweet,playful,and sleepy sometimes

dogs and puppys

dogs start out as a puppy in the life cycle.people say a mans best friend is a dog.

puppys and dogs

I have 3 dogs well 2 dogs and 1 puppy.puppys is how the dogs start out in the life cycle for dogs.The life cycle starts with a new born puppy, then a little bite bigger puppy,then a small dog,then a regular dog.people say dogs are a mans best friend.

how to tack care of a puppys and dogs

step 1.have a good amount of space inside and outside

step 2.have dog food and water

step a good owner for your dog or puppy

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