A Great Leader: Angelina Jolie

Why Angelina Jolie is Viewed As a Humanitarian

Angelina Jolie's purpose for her humanitarian-like acts

Back in 2001, Jolie decided to use her high celebrity status to promote the United Nations refugee agency. Today, she has gone on 50 missions to aid people in countries such as: Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria. I, for one, feel that I share the traits of compassion, integrity, and patience when working with others. I believe that the compassion that Jolie has has helped her the most because people want to join in when they see a compassionate leader.

Her Reputation

People highly respect Jolie because she is dedicated to making life better for the less fortunate. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke of her humanity when asked about her. He said, "Her strength lies in the fact that she is able to influence governments and move public opinion at the same time." She is shown to have a kind heart for others.

Why is Angelina Jolie a Great Leader?

Jolie shows leadership qualities such as: compassion, optimism, integrity, and patience while she is volunteering. These characteristics allowed her to move people and promote this effort.

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