Nicki or RiRi?

Who will Drake choose?

Drake and Nicki, or Drake and Rihanna? That the big question we all have. The answer is completely up to you, but here are the facts.

Drake said a few days ago that he and Nicki are no longer speaking, whilst him and Rihanna are having all kinds of things going on currently. Many people think that they are dating, but neither one has spilled anything. In the ceasing of Nicki and Drake, many believe that is because of Meek Mill, Nicki’s current boyfriend. Others believe that it is a result of Rihanna’s influence on Drake. Whichever it is, I think we are all sad that they won’t be talking any longer. At one point they were releasing songs back to back with each other. Drake did say that he does have a lot of love for Nicki though.

Rihanna and Drake made their debut his album Take Care. Drake touches on Rihanna’s abusive ex, Chris Brown and how he wants to “take care” of her now. Many people believe that RiRi and Drake are totally adorable, but many are also upset that Nicki and Drake are a thing of the past. All we know now is that for now, Drake and Rihanna are close, and Nicki is no longer talking to Drake.