Potawatomi Indian Tribe

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Where They Lived

Some lived in Michigan and Wisconsin area. Potawatomi people migrated in the Midwest. Others were sent to Kansas and Oklahoma by the government.

Potawatomi Government

Each Potawatomi tribe was politically independent and has its own government, laws, police, and services just like a small country.

Animals the Potawatomi Hunted


Harvested Food

The women planted and harvested corn, beans, and squash. They also tapped trees for maple syrup. They gathered wild rice and berries.


The men wore red or blue clothing in the summer months. In the winter, they would put on decorated buffalo robes. They also wore leggings made of skin or cloth during winter months or special dances. When playing games such as lacrosse, the men would wear only breech cloths and deer skin moccasins. When the Europeans arrived they were wearing cloth shirts. The Potawatomi liked wearing these cloth shirts instead of the leather ones made from the hides of animals.

Potawatomi Children

The Potawatomi children did chores and in their free time they played games like lacrosse.
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Now That's Random!

*Potawatomi means "fire keepers"

*they told fairytales

-a famous legend told by the Potawatomi below-