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Thursday & Friday

We have two built-in snow days on Thursday and Friday this week unless we have cancellations on Tuesday or Wednesday.

From Central Office...

The old contract stated that school had to be canceled 10 days prior to a designated make-up day in order for the corporation to use it. However, that is no longer the case. The snow day language is no longer in the contract. So, any day designated as a make-up snow day will be used in the order stated on the calendar. For example, if school is canceled on February 9th we will make it up on February 11th. This means all staff is expected to be available for the designated make-up day and vacations should not be planned for them, unless personal days will be used.

President's Day

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am-3pm

801 West Wilkinson Street

Goshen, IN

Please remind students that we do not have school on Monday, February 15th.

Custom Reports

I had QuickSchools create three custom reports. You will find the reports by clicking on Reports.

Attendance Summary by Days (MLC) - This report provides an attendance summary by student. This report can be downloaded and filtered by Academic Advisor.

Course Completion Rate Report - This report provides a total numbers of credits earned by students. This report can be downloaded and filtered by Academic Advisor. This report can be copied & pasted into the HML - Pace Checker Spreadsheet. I will email the spreadsheet to you later today. This report is filtered by report card. If you would like to see the total number of credits earned first Semester, you must select that report card.

Student Report Card Final Grades (MLC) - This report provides a total number of credits earned by student. This report can be downloaded by not filtered.

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Tibbs Bits


Our second cohort of IVY Tech students are off to a great start. We only have 4 students taking us up on our offer to start their college career. Bailey Fiandt, Robbie Lee, Tyler Mitchell, and Rachel Creager are all doing exemplary work. We have made some changes to the program after our first group completed their course.

Our new cohort must meet with me at least once a week to discuss their progress. I am available to them on Tuesdays and Thursdays at IVY Tech or on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays here at Merit. We also made a change in the timeline for the students. Instead of an 8 week course this cohort is taking the course over 16 weeks. They are getting more feedback from the professor and also more in-depth investigations about their future.

All 2nd cohort students are taking IVYT 111, Student Success Skills, and are all currently earning an A. Anel Hernandez, a first cohort student, has continued her education through the program and is currently taking her first English course. This is a core course that is required for all programs at IVY Tech. It has been a challenging course and we are both learning as she works through the assignments.


I will be doing a FAFSA information session during the labs’ break-time on Wednesday, February 10th for any students planning to attend college during the 2016/2017 school year. I have left it open for advisors to decide who should and shouldn’t attend this information session. I will be showing them the website, how to get their FSA ID (replaced the PIN), discussing parent involvement, and deadlines. If you have any questions please let me know.

Wall Space

I hope you have noticed the new decoration on the wall. If you or your students would like to add comments please let me know and I will get you some “speech bubbles” to write your (their) own encouragements.