Children with Special Needs

Marina Campelo


This quantitative research paper focuses on learn more about children with disabilities and what do to get their life at home and in school better.

I started a project with special children in a municipal school in Brazil. The objective was develop tools to work with child with special needs. Which child had a different disability, and I searched for each one and learned more about it. I believe that every child can learn, even if it takes more time than the usual, and if it’s a different type of learning (from that we have in ‘normal’ schools). We also try to discover what is the best way to discover what the child already know, and how to continue thereafter.

Significance of the Research Paper

In Brazil, there is a law that obligates all the schools to accept children with special needs. However, at the universities, the students whom are trying to be teachers aren’t learning how to teach and understand these children. Because of that, when a teacher faces in his room a kid with disabilities, he never know what to do to help this kid, and what happens is that the child stay alone during all the classes.

I want to develop methods to work with these children in the field of mathematics. It can be done with many different tools. If the teachers know how to labor with these children, they could develop themselves in a different, but also good way.

Children with Special Needs - Inclusion

Discussion Topics

  • The best way to know/recognize/identify these students and discover what they already know.
  • The important topics that a child like that has to learn to had a comfortable life.
  • Talking with their parents and explain that their children will need a special attention.