Blue Bird News

April 28, 2014

Curriculum for the Week


This week the children will be learning about the following skills:

  • main idea and supporting details
  • contractions
  • cause and effect
  • vowel pairs ee, ea
  • making generalization
  • author's viewpoint


In Math we will be on the following:

  • explore the capacities of cylinders
  • find the area and the perimeter of shapes
  • to identify the capacity and equivalent

Writer's Workshop

This week we will be starting our Poetry unit. We will be learning how to write a cinquin and color poems.

Social Studies-Economics Unit

We will be beginning the economics unit this week. The children will be learing about goods and services. We will be discussing about where and how the goods are made. The children will also be learning about assembly lines through making pretend pizzas. It should be a lot of fun!



-Spelling pg. 23

-Math Home Link 9.5


-Words Their Way Sort -Please cut the words and sort them. Next glue the words onto the next page.

-Extra Math


-Spelling pg. 24 or 25

-Math Home Link 9.6


-Study for spelling test

-Math Home Link 9.7