Weekly Staff Bulletin

~March 10-14~Week 26~

Tests & Assessments


Physical Fitness Test - 5th Grade

Opens on February 3rd, closes March 21st

Check in on March 27th & 28th


SR 3 - closes 3/21, Check in April 4

SR 4-opens 3/24


Grades 3-5

SWT 3 - Opens April 21st

STAR Testing Window

CST/CMA: Science - 5th grade

CAPA: 2nd - 5th grade

Opens April 9th

Closes May 16th

Check In: May 19-21

SBAC - Field Testing Window

ELA &/or Math

Opens April 7th

Closes May 16

Report Cards

Report cards were printed & placed in your box on Friday, March 7th. If you did not finish entering the data &/or comments; you will need to print your own report cards.

The errors on ABI rosters were corrected; please let Beatrice & Zoe know if there are still any additional errors.

Report Card Window

March 10-14: Priority SLCs & SSTs

March 12: No Wednesday PD - Priority SLCs/SSTs/Home visits

March 14: Final day for Report Cards to go home

OUSD Report Card Letter

"2014 Winter Report Card Letter" needs to be sent home with every report card. It contains an important explanation of the math curriculum shift, and explains to parents/guardians how OUSD is ensuring their students receive the essential math content they need during this year of transition.

  • Email was sent to you with the letters attached.
  • Class set of the English/Spanish letter are in your box; Ms. Marisol made copies & placed in your box.

~What's going on this week?~

Monday, March 10th

8:30-10:00 AM

Chronic Absences - SART Meeting

4:00-7:00 PM

CORE Mini-Institute for ILT Members

Location: Great Room at La Escuelita Elementary School


NO Strings Class!

I will not be able to teach strings class on Monday March 10. I need to go to a doctor's appointment. Please don't send the kids on Monday


Steph Holmes

Tuesday, March 11th

Data Chats

*please see the link for schedule details:


In preparation to our data chats, please use the following forms & have them ready to use as a discussion point.

  1. Student Data Analysis & Teacher Reflection Form
  2. Data Analysis Template

Jennie has a copy of these forms but they were also shared to you via Google Drive.

5th Grade
Puberty Class for 5th grade

Faculty Council Meeting

3:45-4:45 PM

Location: Beatrice's Office

Restorative Justice Circle


On Tuesday, MCS & SEED we will be doing a restorative justice circle after school at 2:50 pm in potentially Coach Max's classroom space as a response to the vandalism in the auditorium this past Monday evening. Ms. Spencer is trying to reach the third family but two families have already committed to attend. This is an alternative to suspension but will allow affected school community members and families to share how the vandalism affected them and allow the students who participated to really hear how their actions affected others. It also give the students the chance to take responsibility for their actions. RJ circles are new for our site, but this will give all of us the opportunity to be part of one. Annette Oropeza will be joining us to lead the circle and You are welcome to attend!

Wednesday, March 12th

8:30-10:00 AM

Beatrice @ school walk-throughs with REXO

Data Chats

11:30 AM 2nd grade - Ms. Ana

1:30 PM 1st grade - Ms. Hudson/Ms. Superfine

Thursday, March 13th

Beatrice Out

Admin Designee: Mark Zucker & Paul Davis

PBIS & Attendance Committee: CANCELLED

Friday, March 14th

Beatrice Out

Admin Designees: Mark Zucker & Paul Davis

~Safe/Welcoming Environment~

We have a new parent coordinator!

Parent Coordinator Schedule:

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays

8:30-9:30 AM - on site, parent connections

12:00-3:00 PM - Office hours


9:00-11:00 AM - Kinder & 1st Grade Chronic Absences & Parent Contact (off-site)

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Office hours


8:30-10:30 - Office Hours

10:30-11:30 - Weekly bulletin & parent engagement planning (off-site)

You can contact her at curielm@hotmail.com.

Mindfulness training, anyone?

In efforts to improve on the school climate & support our students with conflicts, disengagement; the a group of parents are interested in applying for a scholarship that would train teachers & staff on mindfulness. Scholarships are available if the school has a high percentage of SES.

If you are interested in participating & getting trained, please submit your name to Olivia &/or Beatrice.
They also want to know exactly how many teachers/staff would like to get trained and which course they would like. The list of courses is at http://www.mindfulschools.org/training


Omaha School Visitors...

The Omaha Team could not stop talking about how impressed they were with what they observed during their visit to SEED. Every time a visitor asked a student to explain the task or target, the student responded with confidence and detail. In every classroom, the students were engaged in collaboration and thoughtful work.

The Omaha teachers could not wait to return to their schools to share what they saw. They were especially excited about modeling the academic discussion boards and "fishbowl" discussion they observed in Ms. Perrone's classroom.

Thank you all for your willingness to share your time and your students with our visitors.


Instructional Rounds Findings

  • Across the classrooms we see strong structures, procedures, engagement, English Learner support, and climate. Academic discussions should be used at key moments in support of language learning.
  • 4th grade - students engaged in group work, but structures for collaboration are not evident during visit. Students talking to each other, but not really listening to each other's responses.
  • 5th grade - teacher encouraged students to talk, but students were mostly quiet. Students were able to share their learning target & why it was important to learn it. Structures for academic discussions were not evident during visit.
  • Kinder - students fully engaged in whole group instruction, opportunities for partner share were evident, but not observed during visit.
  • 1st-3rd - academic discussions were evident, students engaged in purposeful & intentional discussions
  • Thoughtful sharing of air time
  • Character targets aligned to learning
  • Very clear expectations

Questions to consider:

  1. What are we subconsciously communicating to students about the importance of Spanish?
  2. How do we elevate the Spanish language?

PE Schedule for this week: WEEK 2


1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Ana


9:05-9:35 AM - Ms. Bien


1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Tapia



Attention teachers & staff,

Any student that is sent to the office for discipline need the following:

  1. hallway pass
  2. a detailed description why the student was sent to the office (specify if the student needs to reflect or if a referral is on its way)
  3. little notes on scratch sheet of paper WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Hall Passes

More & more students are seen out of class without a pass. All students must have a pass to go to the restroom, office, buddy teacher, etc. Any child seen without a pass will be returned to class immediately.

Lunch Time


Gentle reminder: please remember that it is your responsibility to drop off your classroom in the cafeteria & wait for them to get their food. We have had incidents that students misbehave while walking to the cafeteria or waiting in line & the classroom teacher is not around. My expectation is that you escort your students to the cafeteria & monitor their behavior while in line. Let's come together to decrease incidents.

Teacher Recess Supervision

Recess schedule posted outside office door.

Please let's all do our part; this past week we had teachers arrive late or not show up at all. We need you & it is obvious that when you are on duty, student incidents decrease.

Student of the Month Nominations

It's that time again to nominate students; S.O.M. recognition will take place on March 21st & 28th.

Submit your nominations to Dulce by the end of the week, especially if your class participates in the March 21st assembly. I highly recommend that you use the most recent data to highlight students' growth.

Perfect attendance report will be generated by Dulce.

$15 Gift Card!

On Friday, you should have received a US bank gift card/debit card in your mailbox. This was your pay for helping complete the teacher survey and the other aspects you may have participated in for the first round of the Health Happens Study. We will be participating in another round this spring in late April/early May. I hope there was not too much confusion with the envelopes and people did not think it was junk mail and throw it out! If this did happen please let me know ASAP. Thank you for again for all your help and patience through this process and enjoy your gift card!
P.s. please note: you need to activate the card first by calling the phone number!

Don't do what Beatrice did; she chopped her gift card into little pieces thinking it was a promotional marketing tactic.

Friday's Community Assembly

Week 25

TK/K: Ms. Saleski & Ms. Elana

1st: Ms. Tapia & Ms. Goodie

2nd: Ms. Ana & Ms. Parchia

3rd: Ms. Cato

4th: Ms. Bien

5th: Mr. Reynoso

Fire Drill - You rocked it!

Congratulations for evacuating & accounting for all of our students in record time (3:28 minutes)!

ILT Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, March 18th

Monthly ILT Meeting

3:00-5:00 PM

Location: Beatrice's Office

Expeditionary Learning Implementation Review Process

Moved to May 7th.

La Cosecha Annual Conference

SEED is in search of 2 teachers that are interested in participating in the annual La Cosecha on November 19-22. Special consideration will be taken for teachers that have not attended any conferences in the 13-14 SY.

Please let Zoe or Beatrice know in order to begin the registration process.

Check out the link: http://www.dlenm.org/lacosecha2014/

Annual ATDLE Conference

Interested in participating in the annual dual immersion ATDLE conference?

I am looking for 2 teachers that are interested in being SEED's representatives at the 22nd Annual ATDLE conference from June 23-26 in Sacramento. Consideration will be given to new teachers or any teacher that did not participate in any conferences during the regular school year.

Please submit your interest to Beatrice &/or Zoe.

Check out the website: http://atdle.org/conferences/