Yeison's Material Safety Data Sheet

only applicable to Yeison Rodriguez's

Elemental Name: Yeisonium
Atomic Mass: 15
Symbol: YR
Discoverer: Maria Hernandez
Occurrence: High deposits in Texas and Mexico, Low deposits in Canada, New England, and all things cold
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Physical Properties of Yeison's

Surface Properties: smooth, tan on the outside, soft and malleable on the inside, black hair, and brown eyes
boils with sudden loud noises
can cause stupidity if hung around with too much
Yeison's can be found in happiness when playing video games, sadness in English, anger when confused, and can be found content in math
becomes stubborn when called wrong
gets smaller and curls up when cold
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Chemical Properties of Yeison's

  • is repelled by sports
  • is attracted to math
  • will repel the opposite sex and people that play sports...
  • is impervious to insults
  • requires copious amounts of Dr. Pepper
  • May explode spontaneously if in human contact
  • changes color to red when embarrassed
  • emits gas when startled
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