The Red Cross

By Luka Tselepi

What does The Red Cross do?

The Red Cross helps humans that are sick and injured.

They also help them if they are going through a crisis.

The Red Cross donates to make their lives better

They get the blood that people have donated and give it to the people with severe blood loss.

Who does the red cross help?

The Red Cross helps a variety of people.

They help prisoners, refugees, the homeless, civilians and soldiers that went to war.

They help them by donating and sending them food and water to them.

How does The Red Cross get its money?

The red cross gets its money from donations that are from nice people who want to save the sick and injured people.

Participation in the United Way and Combined Federal

Campaigns Reimbursements and grants from local, state and federal government agencies for specific projects

How can I donate to the Red Cross?

To donate all you have to do is go to any Red Cross website (there are is the French one, the Australian one and the American one!) and once you are on the website you have to click the donate button, choose your price and then your done!

What does The Red Cross do in Australia

The Red Cross helps the sick and injured people as well as they ask nice people if they could donate blood so that the Red Cross can give the blood to the kids or adults that have had severe blood loss.

What are the priority areas of work for The Red Cross?

They help sick and injured people in different countries all around the world and ask nice people to donate so they can help all the sick and injured people too!

When and where was The Red Cross made and who made/founded it?

The founders name was Clara Barton, she and her fellow associates made it in Washington, D.C. on May 21, 1881 because they wanted to bring supplies and support to soldiers in the field during the Civil War in

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