A Raisin in the Sun

Time Capsule


A Car

Walter enjoyed riding around, but he lacked a car. He used someone else's to drive around and think. I think Walter would have enjoyed a car with good mileage back in those days. Even though it would be difficult to bury.


Walter lived and dreamed of providing for his family. He also wanted to be able to have the money to send his son to any college he wanted. A ten year bond would be perfect for him to save money.


Walter was all about that liquor. Even though it was an unhealthy outlet for the events happening in the story, you can't forget it was a part of him.

Business card for a private detective

Walter just wanted a chance to make it big. He took a shot and some greedy guy ended up stealing his money and his dream. He also lost alot of money that was Beneatha's for college.

Baseball Glove

Even though Walter works hard and it takes up alot of his time, I believe he should spend more time with his son, Travis. They need something to bond with. I don't think he understands that he doesn't just need to support his son with money, but emotionally too.


A foot massager

Ruth, unlike typical women in the 1950's gets out and works in the world. Along with that she still cooks and cleans for the family. I think she needs something to relax


Walter causes alot of stress and agony for Ruth. She works for money and Walter does too but the main cause of their fighting is money.

A big window

Ruth hates how the apartment they currently live in only has one small window to allow sunlight in. She longs for sunlight and is so glad when they get a new house but they need alot of sunlight in this new house.

A big kitchen

Ruth does almost all the housework and cleaning for the family. It is hard to do such tasks in the cramped little kitchen in the apartment they live in. I think she deserves a large kitchen to make doing the housework a little easier since women stereo typically did all of the cooking in the 1950's.

A Vacuum? (5th thing)

If they do decide they don't want another child anymore


Nigerean Clothing

Beneatha is a very proud woman. She appreciates her native heritage and doesn't want to conform with the whites like she believes most of her fellow african americans have. I think she would really like clothing that was made in her native country.

Plane Ticket

I think if Beneatha took a break, she could find out what she is really looking for in life. She swaps hobbies so much and doesn't know what she truly wants. A vacation would be perfect so she could also go visit Africa.


The man who I believe is right for Beneatha called her "Alaiyo". Meaning bread is not good enough for her. He believes she deserves better and is never pleased with herself. I think if bread isn't good enough for her, maybe fish eggs are!

Maginifying Glass

It's more of a symbol of her searching for what she wants. She is always looking into new things and can never set her mind to something. The only thing she is sure of at this point, is her want to be a doctor. This will help her find herself.

Tickets to Dr. Phil

Her, Asagi and George have to decide what they want. I don't agree with Mrs. Gast that it is alright to lead two different guys on. I think she has to choice one or the other and a little counseling wouldn't hurt all of them.


Gardening Tools

Mama is definitely looking forward to having a garden in the little patch of dirt in the lawn of their new house. The apartment life has gotten the best of her throughout her life. So I think gardening would be perfect for her.

Christian Mingle Account

Mama has just recently been widowed. I don't think this should totally destroy her love life though. I still picture Mama as a mid-60 year old women, being as both her children are early twenties so she has plenty of time left to be on the prowl.

An Altar

Mama is a super religious woman. I can't imagine how please an elderly religious woman would be if they had their very own altar in their house! I think she would pray thanks for the new house and their family.

Cruise Tickets

Mama has cleaned other peoples houses for most of her life and she still does. I do not think it is fair that she hasn't gotten to travel and think it's only for white people. Everyone deserves a break.

Life Insurance

I think Mama should also get life insurance if she does not have it. So then the family can get another 10,000 dollars. Too bad Walter will just blow it again. Even though back then they probably didn't have life insurance for women and if they did it wasn't that much