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Victoria is a certified babysitter who is flexible and affordable. She has had experience babysitting for children of all ages, multiple children at a time, and children with special needs such as Down syndrome and Autism. Victoria has several references available for you to contact, both for families whom she has babysat for before and for people (teachers, directors, etc.) who have taught and worked with her for a while and know her character and personality.

Why should I hire Victoria???

Hiring Victoria...

Contact Victoria via email to set up a phone meeting. After the phone meeting, if Victoria accepts the job, she will email some forms to fill out. These will tell her everything she will need to know while working for you - about the job, your children and their routines, your house, etc. On the day of the job, Victoria and her parent will arrive at your house in enough time for her meet everyone, tour the house, and ask any more questions. (Please be aware, however, that any time before you leave your house Victoria or her parent may decide to decline your job if they feel that she is incapable of working for you, too inexperienced to work for you, or will be unsafe working while for you.)

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