The Cats Meow

Shelby Brown

About My Amazing life (duh)

Well uh..hello there, I’m not sure about this whole “dating” thing. Ugh! I guess you should know more about me. You wouldn’t want to date a rat. Anyway, my ex-boyfriend sent me to a mental fishcility because I ate caviar. I don’t get it, it was delicious and French. Everyone says I’m cold blooded but I like to refer to myself as ectothermic. Also about me, I love gills! I love them! I am saving up to buy a purple pair. My ex-boyfriend, the trout’s ex-girlfriend, who was also a catfish, and her ex-boyfriend’s ex-ex-girlfriend had a pair and ever since I stalked her on Facebook I want a pair just like her.

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Love Me

Obviously you’re still reading my dating application because you are head over heels in love with me but are you the right type of boyfriend scales for me. I love dogs. I want a dog to love me. I don’t care if your half dog, no! I want a dog! I like warm blooded men who are lovable. I like men with plenty of fur and have legs. Dogs are patient. That’s good because I need lots of time in the morning to get ready. Also they need to be lovable because I need attention and a lot of it. Anyway, I know you love me. Contact me at this number 1-939-purr-meow

My apartment in NYC from that I was Evicted