dream vacation


My trip to Paris will start when I wake up and I will leave at 4:00am and arrive at the airport at 6:00am and get on the plane at 6:30 and have a 3 hour flight.
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the hotel i will be staying at will be Hôtel Parc Saint Séverin will be staying there for 4 night's
You should come to Paris because it's know as the love city and there are so much things to do there like see the eiffel tower.so come do to paris
First I will get up at 6:30 A.m. and then head out to the car and get in and then we will head over to McDonalds and eat breakfast for about 30 minutes and then we will get back in the car.

when I'm done with breakfast I will head over to the Eiffel Tower and beautiful night for about an hour and 30 minutes and probably head up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and relax and have a nice lunch with my family.

then I will head over to the pool and relax maybe take a swim with my little brother.

then I will go over to the Waffle House and eat dinner with my family.

but I will go over to the gift shop at the Eiffel Tower and get a nice souvenir for my grandparents and then I will go over to the car and then we will go over to theand go to the shoe store and get some nice shoes and some nice clothes and then head out and go home and

my cost is not hunt 9500