Isaac Oliver

By Jake Lyman

Biographical Information

- Born in Rouen, France. In c. 1556 and died in 1617.

- He was a English Miniature painter.

- A pupil of Nicholas Hilliard.

- Made a painting called Unknown Man.

- Created in 1590.

- Today it is held in the National Portrait Gallery.

- No one knows who this is.

- The portrait has very good detail.

- Spent most time in London learning to be a painter.

- Trained to be a painter.

- He created many Paintings, or miniatures.

- Had many Patrons, but few were important.


Unknown Man


- No one knows who the man is, hence the name " Unknown Man."

- New colors were introduced, (Pink). Also using different textures.

- No one knows where this was drawn.

- Those people in the background, they looked well-dressed.

- Maybe he's at a marriage ceremony.

- This painting represents humanism because the building in the back looks very Greek-like. The person himself what its like to be human. And the garden in the background it represents what the human mind can do.

- What is so interesting about this miniature is that the building in the background has features that represent Renaissance architecture. The arches, the coffered ceilings and roofs, something about the title interests me because maybe he actually is unknown.


Creator-Oliver, Issac, 1551/6-1617

Title-Unknown Man


Measurements-4 5/8x3 1/2

Subject-Painting--England--16th C. A.D

ARTstor Collection-ARTstor Slide Gallery

SourceData from: University of California, San Diego