Spots & Dots Corp.

By: Nayzet Pena

Intro. To Our Company

The owners of Spots & Dots Corp. were founded in 2012, in 456 Maple Leaf, Houston, Texas, 10001 and started as a company producing socks. As it grew Spots & Dots Corp. started to create specialized socks , then it continued into specializing in creating socks with cylinder containers that would hold the sock pair. Now it not only sells socks and cylinder containers to hold socks but it sells a variety of sizes of containers/socks and a variety of colors and patterns. The company has grown and now sells its products in large companies that consumers buy from worldwide.

Examples Of Our Products

Our Products

Spots & Dots Corp. is a corporation you can trust with your socks, because of this we specialize in socks of any size, color, and shape. It may seem like our products wouldn't be selling but as surprising as it is, many people depend on us to produce socks. We’re especially packed in during the colder months as our demand increases. We package our goods in sock containers shaped like cylinders. These like the socks come in a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. Of course, for us to properly measure the containers for the socks we need to be accurate on their volume. Spots & Dots Corp. is proud to say they know there volume.

Our Employees

Here in Spots & Dots we like to ensure that our employees know the formulas needed to conduct the machines. For example, we like them to know:

  • 4⁄3πr³- volume for spheres
  • πr²h- volume for cylinders
  • ⁄3πr²h- volume for cones

We also confirm that our employees know how to find the area of a circle with the formula: A= πr².