Central Dogma of Bilolgy

Protein Synthesis

Dear year 10....

You should continue biology, because biology is awesome, it is you! It is the study of life damnit! you should know what's going on inside you. Don't do accounting, accounting is boring, do biology.

what does 'central dogma' mean?

Well it is essentially the process which involves the flow of genetic information from DNA (the double helix things you see a lot of) to RNA, or mRNA (kind of the transporter of the information) and then RNA to proteins.

Central Dogma is the considered the central study of biology because proteins are everything. They allow life to occur. Through Central Dogma, life is allowed to continue through evolution and the adaption of genetics.

Protein Synthesis

Transcription: The genetic information on the DNA is copied onto a strand of mRNA from 5prime 3prime

Post translation l-modification: there are these little introns on the mRNA (messenger RNA), pesky little things really, which are cut out in the modifying stage.

Translation: The little mRNA strand travels outside of the nucleus (the DNA's hub) and into the cytoplasm to meet up with a ribosome. tRNA (transfer RNA) is then translated into amino acids to form one long polypeptide chain. 3 bases of the tRNA code for one amino acid.