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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)


The first round of STAAR testing is here. I've included the Queen music video above so you can listen while you read. Who doesn't get motivated when listening to "We Will Rock You?" I don't think such a person exists.

We have our first round of STAAR training this Wednesday in the library starting at 3:30, please make sure you're there on time and ready to listen. We'll provide some snacks and drinks. There will be no 5th grade tutorials after school next week, please make sure you've communicated that to your students and parents. Lastly, remind students that we're all on the same team. We want to do our best for the good of the whole versus each individual. Encourage your students to get good rest this weekend and capitalize on the school breakfast on testing mornings.

You've worked hard and your students have worked hard. Let's love on them next week and be intentional about making comments that build our students up. They know they have to pass to promote, so let's not bring that up at all next week. You've put the work in, now it's time to remind them that their value is not connected to a standardized test.

Enjoy your day off, may it be a peaceful, reflective weekend for you and your family.

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Upcoming Dates

3/25 Bad Weather Day

3/29 5th Grade Math STAAR/Jeans Day

3/30 5th Grade Reading STAAR/Jeans Day

4/1 Boys Physicals in p.m.

4/4 JH Registration for 6th Graders/504 meetings

4/5 AED Drill/RTI Meetings/Ashli at Guided Reading training @ Phillips

4/6 5th Grade Math Planning/ARDs

4/7 ARDs/Readers Workshop (ELAR)

4/8 Physicals (Girls) in p.m./End of 6 weeks

4/10 Grade DUE

4/11 504 Meetings

4/12 ARDS/Cafeteria Audit/6th Grade GT

4/13 Cafeteria Audit/5th Grade GT

4/14 Stillwaters

4/19 ARDS

4/20 ARDS

4/25 CEIC

4/26 ARDS

4/27 6th grade STAAR Training

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