Physicist Studying the new World

By : Jack Hinnendael Science Hour 2


"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein

Basic Information on Physicists

  • Study matter and energy

  • Have good research and analytic skills

  • Often specialize in a subfield

  • They are heavy computer user

  • Work as a team part of the time

  • Need a doctoral degree

  • Spend most of time working in offices

  • They conduct research in laboratories and observatories

  • They design and perform experiments with sophisticated equipment

  • Design new scientific equipment, such as telescopes and lasers

Pros & Cons

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Helpful High School Courses

  • Ap classes

  • Advanced chemistry

  • Advanced calculus

  • Advanced physics
These are all classes that will help excel your learning on to the next stage to being a physicist. Ap classes help you in all different ways but math is the one class theat is the most important. Because It helps you with understanding parts of physics. You will need to also take advanced chem and calculus these classes are required for a degree and especially getting into college.

Post Secondary Options

University of Notre Dame


  • High graduation rate : Will find a job almost right after college

  • Prestigious college : Has been my favorite college forever

  • One of the top schools for physics : Is known for good physics schooling


  • Difficult to get accepted : Extremely hard to get accepted

  • Expensive schooling : Would be very expensive for a doctoral degree

  • Far from home : Wouldn't be home very often

University of Wisconsin La Crosse


  • Close to home : So I can see my family frequently

  • Offers physics major : I won't have to change majors

  • In state tuition : I wouldn't have to pay out of state tuition


  • Small school : Won't meet as many new people

  • Not many go for physics : I wouldn't have many people in my major

  • Small campus : Not as much space on campus

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


  • Close to home : Close to family and friends

  • Big campus : More things to do

  • High acceptence rate : Easier to get accepted


  • Takes longer to graduate : I would most likely graduate in 4 1/2 to 5 year to graduate

  • Small physics group : Not as many people take physics

  • Bad weather : Ussally bad weather everyday

Associations/ Professional Organizations

American Institute of Physics : ( College Park MD 20740 +1 301.209.3100

American Physical Society : ( Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3844 301.209.3200


Are interested in matter and energy then physics might be just the thing for you. You may have to go for a doctoral degree but you get to learn about matter and engry. Does getting money interest you As much as matter does then this a great job at an entry level salary of 57 thousand dollars per year. Also Are you a tech savvy genius who likes to work with computers all day. And work in a controlled environment with computers for many hours and you get to wear a lab coat. Contact us for job openings at
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