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Hotter than the Warehouse | Edition 21 | June 27, 2016

Your favorite holiday is finally here. Happy #NationalSunglassesDay!

Cool Kids Wear Sunglasses

"9 to 5 IS FOR THE WEAK"

It's what one of the posters in our Philadelphia office reads. Every day it hangs on the blue wall - firm and unwavering (unless it's crooked), taunting us at our most vulnerable. When it's 4AM and our shift still isn't over. When it starts blizzarding on a Friday night and we're called in for backup. When it's Sunday and instead of being in bed, we're staring right at it, flanked on all sides by products to be uploaded and Facebook ad campaigns to be launched and Vistar orders to be placed. And suddenly, in those moments, it ceases to taunt, and starts encouraging us.

If you're looking for a 9-5, the pizza joint down the street is hiring (though I hear their employee discount sucks). Did Lebron win the Cavs their first championship by working normal business hours? Did the engineers at Pixar set an animation film record with a $136 million Finding Dory opening weekend by working normal business hours?

It takes ten perfect orders to perfect. It takes one slight misstep to be imperfect, and have no doubt that that order is the one the customer will remember.

goPuff is not typical. You are not typical. Don't let your work ethic be typical either.

A FEW HIGH LEVEL THINGS, brought to you by Shark Week:


  1. BE PREPARED: Business will triple overnight when school starts. In the (surprisingly) wise words of one of our summer interns, "grind now to shine later." Get your sh*t together now so you won't be stressing then.
  2. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING: We can't sell products that aren't on the app! If you see a new product in your warehouse that isn't yet uploaded, let Marina know at
  3. PROFILING IS PRODUCTIVE: ...when you're doing it to your local convenience store. Take note of what they may be selling that we aren't - locally and nationally - but should be.

Philadelphia - 29.3
Boston - 34.3
NYC - 33.0
Austin - 30.9
DC - 33.6
Phoenix - 21.0
Denver - 36.1
Seattle - 27.2
Chicago - 32.8

Watching your coworkers get doused by sunglasses was probably too hot to handle. Here's a video of some more coworkers getting doused in water to cool you off.

Free Water


We're making childhood dreams come true. Here's how it will work: Golden Tickets will be randomly placed in orders (stickered to products). Three people will win in each city. Their prize? A visit to the goPuff warehouse in their city and one minute to run through the warehouse to grab anything and everything they can (within limitations). Managers, you'll all get more info by the end of the week. Also if you know any Oompa Loompas please holla.

THE COLLEGE TOUR starting at the end of August! Our annual tour is no doubt the biggest and baddest and bestest way to spread the goPuff word to college students everywhere. Nine cities, dozens of campuses, and one West Coast Customs (aka James Harper's dad) tricked out van. Share any giveaway ideas you have!

On billboards in Philly and Denver, buses in Seattle and DC, and golf carts driving drunk people around in Phoenix. Coming this July!

Here's your weekly #PUFFNATION advice column, brought to you by Will Ferrell doing stuff:


Resident playboi James Harper is taking his talents to the Mile High City and will be Denver's new Regional Manager!

Welcome Jake Wooten to Philadelphia! He'll be managing our finances to make sure we don't blow our entire investment on strippers and cocaine (again).

And shoutout to all of our new managers! Dylan in Denver, Justin in Philly, Patrick in Phoenix and Mike in Philly!

WEIRD ORDERS = AMAZING ADS...take note of the most outrageous orders and send them to Marketing!

Big image


Name: Ben Gabay
iOS Developer or Engineer
Lower Moreland, PA

So you just started here last week. Tell us a little about yourself.

I like snowboarding, playing basketball. Big into poker - theory, strategy.

So that means you're good.

While I was learning programming, that's how I supported myself. I was bankrolled.

Someone would give me money to play for them and I'd split the profit.

What's the most money you ever made in one session?

I never played high stakes, because the higher you go the better the players are. My best night was turning 200 into three grand.

That's very goPuff of you.


You'll learn. So what's your goPuff story?

I met Yakir through a family friend, his roommate. I went to BBQ at their house one weekend, showed Yak the apps I made, and it was over from there.

How did you get into coding?

I met a senior developer in Israel after high school who did apps. Five years later I met up with him and a friend of mine who was also into coding, moved to California with them and learned everything there.

Did you always want to go into coding?

I was a mechanical engineering major at community college, and was planning on finishing at Temple, but then I got into the Cali gig.

What is it you like so much about coding?

It's fucking cool.

What's cool about it?

It looks like gibberish from far away, but when you look father in, it makes so much sense. You can see the progress you're making directly to an interface, which is so cool.

What's the coolest thing you've coded or built?

I have an app in the app store. It's called molecule visualizer, it shows 3D versions of common molecules.

Why did you make that?

Because Apple just came up with this framework in 2014 and I thought I'd play with it. It was a resume builder. I didn't graduate college so I had to put an app in the app store - it's like the developer's degree.

What's the sexiest line of code?

I have to think about that, something that embodies elegance, that has a huge calculation factor in one line and is easily readable.

Speak code-y to me.

If let customView = NSBundle.mainBundle().loadNibNamed("GPSuperFishyView", owner: self, options: nil).first as? GPSuperFishyView {addSubview(customView)}

Now translate it.

We're going to define a variable named Custom View, load Nob Name and optionally typecast that as a Super Fishy View.

Now in English.

Let's add a cute pufferfish to the loading screen of our home page.

goPuff goal?
Lead the iOS development team.

Who are your living heroes?

Mattt Thompson, a famous iOS developer. Also Jay Freeman - he jailbroke the first iPhone.

What's your idea of perfect happiness?

Having my own house in a semi-remote California, near Big Sur near the beach. With two or three German Shepherds.

What's something we don't know about you?

I used to be an EMT.

What's your motto?

Don't really have one. Just work hard. I like being not exciting.

You're grocery shopping. What's in your cart?

Bacon. The $3 rices from Whole Foods. Odwallas - I fuck with those pretty hard.

Which words or phrases do you overuse?


What's your favorite thing about working at goPuff?

Snacks on demand. Hookah while I work. The fact that no one over 30 works here.

If you weren't working at goPuff, what would you be doing?

Be a professional poker player.



You can choose one question to be asked in this interview. What is it?

I don't want to be asked anything.

You're such a developer.