Christmas in a Coasta Rica

By: Adrianna Granado

°Traditional drinks are rum punch and egg nog

°On Christmas Eve at midnight, they go to mass

°During December through January, there are fiestas, parades, rodeos and street parties

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Tree of the Children's National Hospital

This tree represents hope for the coming year and thankfulness for all they recieve. This tree has been at the hospital for decades and it gives a light of hope to all of the kids inside.

Map of Coasta Rica

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Important Dates

• On December 24th (Christmas Eve) at midnight there is mass which is called Misa de Gallo and baby Jesus is placed in the manger

• December 25th (Christmas Day) is a day for relaxing and enjoying family and presents

• On December 26th (Boxing Day) there is an important horseback parade called Tope

• On December 27th, many towns and cities have 'Carnaval' with a big parade featuring dancing and big floats

• On January 6th (Three Kings Day) the Three Kings join the nativity scene