Sra. Barham's Weekly Update

September 22-26

Week 5

Hello all!

Tomorrow begins the fifth week of our semester and Unit 1 Lesson 5 in the course. I was very encouraged to see students working hard last week. Thank you for all you've done to encourage them.

Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a question or concern.

Sra. Barham

This Week's Assignments

**Unidad 1 - Required Live Class (during Weeks 2 - 6)

Lección 5

  • Práctica de Vocabulario
  • Actividades de Vocabulario
  • Prueba de Vocabulario
  • Práctica de Gramática
  • Escribir

This Week's Required Live Classes

There are currently no Required Live Classes scheduled for Unit 1 this week. I will update students if any are made available.