Pack 841 News January

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Thank you for helping the Parker Task Force Christmas Outreach

Our Pack made Christmas very special this year for 2 families with the help of the Parker Task Force (and terrific popcorn sales!) The generosity of those in our community is overwhelming. Pack 841 and others sponsored gifts for more than 130 local families. Please talk with your scout about the difference they made this Christmas.

Core Value of the Month: Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is all about being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations. The world is full of negativity but a positive attitude can make life more manageable. Teaching our kids methods and strategies for keeping a positive attitude in any circumstance develops in them a habit of positive thinking, which in turn can help insulate them and ease the pressures associated with growing up. Managing inner-monologues and self-talk, teaching forgiveness, and keeping a fun and lively environment at home are all ways to promote a positive attitude in our kids that will last a lifetime.

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