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Lily O'Neal is a 15 year old girl mixed with western asian and European. Lives with both parents and grandmother. She is working on her acting career with her bestfriend Claire. She has tried out for many commercials, been in many, goes to an acting schoolfor extra support; Lily even has her own agent *Jude* . One day while getting prepared to audition for a commercial, there are cats on set. Which she had no knowledge of knowing about (She's allergic to cats). So Lily flips out because she really wants to be in this commercial but the cats just ruined everything. While freaking out a big time movie producer *Nic Mills* bumps into her. Nic quickly gets a good feeling about Lily & wants her to play a role in his next movie. A movie with other big time movie stars; such as Etienne Quinn *A celeb crush*. So of course after begging her parents and buttering up to them, they let her go to Cali; Where she'd be staying with a close relitive; Uncle Mike, his wife, and their daughter Samantha she hightails up there(With her agent of course), Lily quickly begins working, rehearsing, meeting the co-acters, trying on wardrobe outfits, etc. Everythings going perfect, living up the hollywood lifestyle. Until Jude starts showing her other clients more attention than Lily, which leaves Lily with the option of getting a new agent. The new agent; Damarias Hill, is perfect- everything you could ask for in a agent. Until Ms.Hill wants to change Lilys'; physically. No questions about it. Will Lily be okay with that or not ?

List of Characters :



Uncle Mike



Damarias Hill


Etienne Quinn

Mrs. & Mr. O'Neal

Character Analysis

Trait 1: 'Looks aren't modified enough'/ 'Always felts as if she wasn't good enough.'

Evidence~ "All my life I have been 'too much' of something. Too white. Too Asian. Too exotic. Cheeks are too big.

Trait 2: 'Determined'

Evdience~ " I stayed up till 2am last night, rehearsing line- after- line."

Quote from/about character:

' I may not always know who I am, But I know who I am not '