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Friday, March 25th, 2016

Share Your Favorite Video Sites

Please email me any good video sites that you use and a very brief description of what curriculum areas they are good for or if they are good brain breaks. I will then compile a list to post on Sites and share with everyone! I know a lot of you have favorites and this is the time of year where we need to pull some new things out of our back pocket!

And don't forget to keep using Brain Pop!

Login: bryanmiddle

Password: bearspop

FREE Nearpod Lessons

Many of you have asked about Nearpod lessons. Here is a link to try some FREE Nearpod Lessons. You do NOT have to have each student at a computer. They can always use white boards or paper and pencil for their responses if you do not have access to a cart or lab.

There are also lessons that you can purchase for $2.99 or less on TONS of topics. If you have not set up a free educator account and given Nearpod a try, take a peek soon! It is a fun resource!

Attention Audio Book Fans

Do you enjoy listening to people chat and geek out about books? Consider listing to a book related podcast while driving, walking around your neighborhood, folding laundry, or shelving books. It's pretty simple to do, and you can do so on your iPad mini through iTunes or the free Apple Podcasts app. If you are not opposed to spending $3.99, the Pocket Casts app is very simple and easy to use as well.

Professional Book Nerds - Hosted by staff librarians from Overdrive, each week they discuss what books they are reading, give suggestions based on listener questions, and discuss what books are slated for release soon. They discuss a variety of grade levels and genres. Be sure to keep a notepad nearby when you are listening to write down suggestions for your library or for personal reading.

Dear Book Nerd - Welcome to the Dear Book Nerd podcast, a bi-weekly show that answers YOUR questions about life, love, and literature! Sponsored by Book Riot and based on their online advice column.

The Split - A YA book review podcast hosted by authors Bryan Cohen and Robert Scanlon. Each week they read and review a new book--you will definitely recognize the titles. It's a fun listen, because you can tell how much they both truly enjoy reading.

Bookmarked - Releasing monthly episodes (and sometimes more!), tune in for news and discussions of the most popular and latest young adult books and authors! We talk about The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, The 5th Wave, Shadowhunters, and much more! Brought to you by and its network sites,,, and