The Twilight Zone

The Ocean Bottom Wonders

The Twilight Zone

When you go below the top zone called the Euphotic zone, the water gets dark and heavy.This zone is called the Twilight zone. It starts at about 200 meters (656 ft.) and starts to become at a depth of 1,000 meters (3,280 ft.).

The Horrifying Pressure

The pressure can kill an person in this zone, but the fish and other animals adapt to the pressure.Also, the thing that most people know aka the squid.The squid also lives in this zone, and once it ever gets out of this zone, he could wrap around a whale and the whale will get suction cup scars.

The Terrifying Animals

Usualy the animals in this zone have big mouths and in their big mouths is big sharp curved teeth. These animals just keeps there big mouths open and wait for smaller animals to swim in. They also use there light to atrack there pray *creepy!*

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The Deep Sea - Exploring the Zones