Ralph David Abernathy



Ralph Abernathy was born March 11 in Linden, Alabama 1929. He went to Alabama state University. Also served in World War II. In 1955 Ralph made the Montgomery Improvement Association. Abernathy co founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and was an civil rights activist. Abernathy became vice president of the SCLC

Bus Boycott

Ralph Abernathy was in the bus boycott for equal rights to sit anywhere on the bus with Martin Luther King Jr, and other people like Rosa Parks. Ralph was also arrested for protesting against sitting in the back of bus.

Friends and Family

The End


Ralph David Abernathy died in Emory Crawford Long Memorial Hospital in the morning April 17, 1990 when two blood clots traveled to his lungs and his heart . David Ralph Abernathy died at 64 years old.