6GC: Nestworthy News

April Edition

The end of the school year is right around the corner!

Now more than ever, it is important for parents/guardians to be aware of all of the end of year events that are important in wrapping up this school year and preparing for the next. Please be mindful of the upcoming dates:

April 5- April 9 Book Fair

April 7- Book Fair Family Night; 4PM-6PM

April 12- ILEARN Practice Test (all students must complete the practice test before taking the ILEARN test)

April 19- ILEARN testing window opens

May 28th- Last Student Day & Awards Day event (time of event TBD)

Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair starts next week!! This is always an exciting time of the year for everyone!

Our book fair will also be available online at:


The online book fair shopping starts on March 31st and ends on April 13th.

We are also going to have a Family Night! This will be on Tuesday, April 6th from 4pm-6pm. Students MUST have a guardian with them to attend the family night.

Students will get to shop during homeroom next week. The schedule for this is:

200 Hallway shops on Monday April 5th

300 Hallway shops on Tuesday April 6th

400 Hallway shops on Wednesday April 7th

Thursday and Friday will be for “last minute” shoppers

There will be other opportunities for students to shop throughout the week also.

Soaring Owls of the Month for March

The Sixth Grade Center is honored to recognize the following students as the Soaring Owls of the Month for April. Be looking for an honor video to be shared in the near future!

200 Hallway- Hana Miyagawa

300 Hallway- Elsie Herbert

400 Hallway- Jason Figueroa-Santizo

Encore- Max Coates

Office- Richie Tapia

ILEARN Testing

Test taking strategies

It is crucial for students to do their absolute best on this year's ILEARN testing. With the disruptions in education last Spring and this school year, the ILEARN test will give schools the necessary information to provide necessary instruction and interventions to help fill any gaps in student learning.

As parents and guardians of 6GC students, we rely on you to encourage your child to give their best effort and show us what they know! Please view this test-taking tip video for test taking strategies.

Test-Taking Tips for Middle Schoolers

ILEARN Testing Schedule- Traditional students

April 20th- English Language Arts

April 21st- English Language Arts

April 22nd- English Language Arts

April 23rd- Make-up

April 26th- Make-up

April 27th- Math

April 28th- Math

April 29th- Science

ILEARN Testing Schedule- Virtual Students

Virtual students are required to take all sections of the ILEARN test at school. Students should arrive at 9:50. We will begin testing at 10:00am on each of the following dates:

  • Tuesday, April 20th

  • Wednesday, April 21st

  • Thursday, April 22nd

  • Friday, April 23rd

  • Tuesday, April 27th

You will receive a phone call when your student has completed the testing for the day and can come pick them up at the same location. All testing will be completed or stopped for the day at 3:20pm.

Mental Health America of Jackson County

Mental Health of America of Jackson County (MHAJC) is a non-profit organization in Jackson County. Our goal is to increase the understanding of mental illness and to assist those with mental illness to receive resources within our community. MHAJC is one of 60 local chapters in the state of Indiana and is also a Jackson County United Way Partner.

Mask Mandate Update

Indiana will leave school mask mandate in place when statewide requirement ends on April 6th.