What makes you you?

Being apart of yourself is what makes you you

Changing - The Body Theory!

At the end of every day you are still going to be yourself. No matter if you cut your hair or paint your nails you will still be the same old you. Like if you change your clothes every single day it still makes you you.

We will start of with the most things people go through, a physical body change.

It can happen during high school or even when your old, when you get a facial feature you think that you have changed into a fresh start of your life but really your just you.

Tim -

Tim and his family had a talk at the dinner table about Tim's changes.

His mum noticed something different about him, if something traumatic happened right now she would of had said " it really changed him, he's just not the same person anymore".

That would be a big fat lie, she just means you've changed your features or personality even though you think your really a new human being.