What's in a Name?

Team Information

Name: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Location information:

-Country: Canada

-Providence: Manitoba

-City: Winnipeg

-Longitude and Latitude: 50 North 97 West

-Region: Prairies

Languages: English and French

Interesting Facts about the Prairies:

-Major Source of Petroleum

-Major Source of Natural Gas

-Large Supplier of Wheat

Physical Features of the Region:

-Interior Plains

-Red River

-Crop Land

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Team Mascot Information

Names: Buzz and Boomer

How do they connect to the Region?

They were created when a young girl won a contest and decided to have two birds named Buzz and Boomer for the mascots.

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Est. 1930s

Kyle Walters is the main Manager.

Why did they choose Winnipeg?

Because Winnipeg is the Capitol of Manitoba.

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Field name: Investors Group Field

Why the name?

It was named after Field Group Investor Company.

Why did they get that name?

The Investors Field Group wanted more people to use their company.

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