Oregon Trail

Hardships of the trail

The Challanging West

There are a lot of challanges when traveling west from sickness to weather. Weather causes things to be more challanging by when its raining it could make things slippery and hard to carry. Going up a hill was hard because the covered wagons tipper over and spilled the things inside of it easily. Going down the hill wasn't easy ether. When the animals stopped the wagon kept going and ran them over, to provent this pioneers tied a log on the back of the wagon. These were just a few out of the many challanges.
A covered wagon (above) was used to travel to the west and other places.

Dangerous Traveling

There was also many dangers to go on top of the challanges. When pioneers where crossing a river in their covered wagon the wagon could tip over and the pioneers would drown. While going up a hill the wagon could tip over and have you go rolling down the mountain causing death or bad injurys. To prove traveling was very dangerous between 1835 and 1885 more than 10,000 people died traveling west. Going west was some very risky business.

Daily Dutys

Every day there were many daily duties to be done. In the morning familys milked there cows, ate, then quickly got ready to go. Around noon animals were given a break and food. Then in the afternoon scouts were sent to scout out and area to stay for the night. At dusk formed a circle and allowed the oxen to graze inside of the ring and tents were set up to sleep in. These were things that were done day after day until they made it to Oregon.