Mrs. Stephens' Final Weekly Update

Week of May 23, 2016

Graduation Day-Monday, May 23rd 9-10 AM

Please have your child line up on the blacktop with the other kindergarten classes at 8:30 on Monday. You may drop your child off then head in through the main doors of the school to line up outside of the gym. You will not be allowed to line up prior to 8:35.

We will be standing on the right side of the gym when looking at the stage.

Please have your child dress up as if going out to a nice dinner. We will be wearing hats, but not gowns.

Thank you to those that signed up to provide refreshments for our reception. Please drop them off in the library before 9:00. There are three tables with a sign that says "Reserved for PM Kindie Graduation." Drinks and cups on one table and cookies, napkins on the others please.

Your child will only attend school for graduation. It is not a regular school day. Please make arrangements for child care if needed.

We will meet in the library for cookies and lemonade immediately following our graduation ceremony.

Park Day, Field Day, and our final countdown activities!

Fun Ways to Help Your Child Over The Summer

Sight Words- hopscotch, writing with sidewalk chalk, write on "targets" and shoot at them with Nerf guns naming the ones that are hit! License plate letters and/or environmental print to find the letters needed to spell the sight words.

Math- jump rope or any other physical activity and count how many times you jump, and any of the games above using numbers instead of words. With Nerf targets, add the numbers together, or the one who hits the greater/lesser number wins.

Reading- RAZ Kids should still be available over the summer, I do not close accounts! Enroll in the public library reading program! When reading to your child, play "I Spy" with sight words or CVC words (consonant vowel consonant: bug). Talk to your child about what is happening in the pictures. Ask questions about the setting, characters, and sequence of the story.

Writing- Write letters/postcards to friends, family members or ME! My address is: 3397 Hawthorne Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 I promise to write back!

Learn how to tie shoes! Practice, practice, practice!

Most importantly play, play, play and have a safe and fun summer!!!