Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Kyle Van Roekel

Sammy Davis Jr. was one of the worlds best Actor, Singer, Dancer, and most of all one of the best entertainers in general. He did more than just entertain, he broke down color boundaries and changed ways people did business.


Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8, 1925. He was probably the best entertainer to touch foot on the planet. Sammy lived in a house with his dad an actor and his mom a dancer. Sammy served in the entertainment unit while World War ll was going on, and when he was dancing and singing he learned that he could make people feel less prejudice. His career hit a big stop when he got in a car crash and almost died. He shattered his face and ruined his left eye. After that night he went blind in his left eye and recovered well. He went for a while until at age 64. On May 16, 1990 he died of cancer mostly because he was a life long smoker.

Sammy changed the way people did business by refusing to perform anywhere that white and black people were separated. He fought for black rights. He attended all black protest in Washington and march with the other blacks to get equal rights.

He was very famous in New York. Performing on Broadway, acting in both the Golden Boy, and Mr.Wonderful. He was very famous to the people of New York.


Sammy grew up in a household with a dancer and actor. Sammy was inspired and influenced to become a entertainer like his mother and father were. He joined a trio with his dad for a while until he starred in Golden Boy and Mr.wonderful.


Sammy had many accomplishments like Golden Globes, USA nominated for TV actor-Musical Comedy. Primetime Emmy Awards nominated for Outstanding guest actor in a comedy series and nominated for best specialty act- Single or group. He won the Image awards as well as the St. Louis International Film Festival. He had some famous songs like "The Candy Man" and "I've Gotta Be Me".
Sammy Davis Jr. was loved by the world for his entertaining skills like singing, dancing and acting. But most of all by the African American race for him helping out the blacks and fighting for their rights. He did as much as he could for the blacks and that is why he was truly loved by the black, and loved b the whites for bringing joy and happiness.