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  • HOMEWORK is still mandatory. I have lots of students I am having to ask for it repeatedly.
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Math: Unit 11 - Connecting Whole Number Addition and Subtraction Concepts to Decimals

The focus in this unit is having students extend their understanding of whole number addition and subtraction to adding and subtracting decimals. Unlike fraction addition and subtraction, students are able to use place value relationships to add and subtract decimals fluently using similar methods used with adding and subtracting whole numbers. Students can also use the relationship between fractions and decimals to rewrite decimals as fractions with like denominators and then find the sum or difference. Students apply addition and subtraction of decimals to measurement concepts, especially money and metric measurements, to ensure students recognize that they should approach the computation in these problems flexibly, efficiently, accurately, and appropriately.

Reading and Writing: Unit 8 Imagine and Express Your Ideas

Fourth graders will read imaginative stories and build on their comprehension skills and strategies. Students will understand/analyze how authors build plot to a climax while utilizing characters and setting to make a "page turning, gripping" story. In writing workshop, fourth graders will compose imaginative stories based on knowledge from studying imaginative story mentor texts. Students will study and refer to mentor texts to support their learning throughout their writing process.

Science: Unit 4 -The Water Cycle

In this unit, students will measure and compare the volume of water before and after evaporation; identify the state of matter of water at various stages in the water cycle; and measure and compare the temperature of water as it is heated and cooled.

Social Studies: Unit 4.6 Republic and Statehood

The Revolution is over and Texas is now a republic. In this unit, students will identify and describe the successes, problems, and people that impacted the Republic of Texas and the events resulting from the annexation of Texas to the United States. Point of view is an essential skill in this unit as Texas as a nation and a state becomes a representative government. Representative government is going to be a repeated political concept from now on in social studies courses and is important to emphasize.