Faythe Pritchett

state flag and nick name

It has a red white and blue conners. The blue has a white star in the middle. That is how they earned the lone star nick name. There nick name was the lone star state.

They also have the nick name the beef state!

The largest city in texas

It's a place in Texas. Its close to Austin on the right. Its Houston! Houston is a city and a big one.

The capital

The capital is right below Texas has a star next to it. Austin!

The poulatoin

The poulatoin is really big. They're 20,851,820 people that live in Texas. In 2000 census bureau.

The motto and seal

The motto has always and will always be friendship. Friendship is something that brings people together so everyone will be friends!!!The seal is pressed into wax to make a symble.
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The governor

Greg Abbott is the governor. He portects the town.
Texas Our Texas Sing-A-Long

state tree

The state tree is a werid tree. It grows nuts. Its a pecon tree.

The bodies of water

The only body of water next to Texas is the gulf of Mexico.


Texas is in the southwestern United States.It's bordered by New mexico,oklahoma,arkansa,lousiana,mexico.

state hood

Texas is the 28th state.It became the 28th state on Decmeber 29,1845.

state dish

Chili is most famous in Texas.It became the state dish in 1977.

state sport

Rodeo is something really cool but it sounds and looks a bit dangours.People ride wild hores and bulls.
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famous person from texas

Kate Capshaw is an actress. She is from america then moved to Texas. Kate also met director Steven Spielberg when she was aditioning for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! And they got married and had 3 kids.

why you should vist my state

You should come and vist my state because its warm and cool here. And fun things too!

Like floating the rivers or buying really cool panutas. There are lots of fun things to do here. You can get some delicious meals or tasty and cold drinks. And thank you!