Another Killed By E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes' health issues have caused many deaths

The Victim

His name was Tim Niles Jennings, and he was a regular 4 year old. He loved to play baseball for the local team. His parents Jim and Madeline Jennings loved their only son and were crushed that he died so prematurely. HIs father began smoking electronic cigarettes and Tim got a hold of the nicotine cylinder for the e-cig. He drank it, which had 10 mg of nicotine inside of the cartridge, and died from nictoine poisoning. He died January 15, 2015 on the way to the hosiptal.

False Advertisment from Electronic Cigarettes

Jim only used cartridges that were label with no nicotine, so Tim's parents were confused as to why their son died from nicotine poisoning if there was supposedly no nicotine. The Jennings family found out after their son's death that, "The FDA found that certain cartridges labeled as ‘no nicotine’ actually contained nicotine and that other cartridges labeled as containing identical amounts of nicotine contained “markedly different” amounts of nicotine." (E-Cigarettes and Youth) The Jennings family is still unsure if they will sue the company for false advertisement.

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Chemicals found in Electronic Cigarettes' vapor

The family dug more into the chemicals actually used in the e-cigarettes. What they found shocked them to the core.

The medical examiner found many harmful compounds in the boy from the second hand smoke emitted from the device. "The compounds found in mainstream and sidesteam e-cigarette vapor include: Acetaldehyde; Benzene; Cadmium; Formaldehyde ; Isoprene ; Lead ; Nickel ; Nicotine; N-Nitrosonornicotin; and Toluene." (E-Cigarettes and Youth) Every one of these compounds is extremely deathly to children and adults especially over long periods of time.

Many people are only now finding out the horrible chemicals and effects of the tobacco products. "Research conducted by the FDA in 2009 has found that among the e-cigarette cartridges tested, a majority contained diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze that is toxic to humans." (E-Cigarettes and Youth) This demonstrates that electronic cigarettes do not give fair warnings to their consumers on what is in the electronic cigarettes.

The findings on the chemicals found in the e-digs is only rising. The chemicals are no directly causing health problems. For example, “exhaled ESD aerosol (Electronic Cigarette Vapor) contained propylene glycol, glycerol, flavorings, and nicotine, along with acetone, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, propanal, diacetin, and triacitine. Many of the elements identified in the aerosol are known to cause respiratory distress and disease.” (Americans For Nonsmokers’ Rights) Electronic Cigarettes, which are considered safer than normal cigarettes are proving that statement wrong as more research comes in.

Smoking Obituary

Please help the Jennings family, and vote to regulate these electronic cigarettes to prevent more deaths like TIm.