Welcome to Crater Lake!

Oregon, United States


Welcome to the magnificent Crater Lake! Just as its name implies, it is a wonderful crater lake! A crater lake is a depression created by an asteroid impact or a collapsed volcano that is then filled with water. This lake was created when Mount Mazama collapsed 7700 years ago. It has taken 250 years for it to fill to its current height, and it is 6 miles in diameter. This stunning lake is a whopping 1949 feet deep, making it the seventh deepest lake in the world! The source of this lake's water isn't from a river, but rather from precipitation. Currently, the amount of precipitation and that of evaporation and seepage is equal, keeping the lake at a consistent height. Since the lake is dependent on the climate, this could potentially change. Having no river to feed into this lake is advantageous, since less chemicals and pollutants can now enter the lake. The lack of these makes the clarity very high. Just imagine staring down and seeing 134 feet down into one of the clearest lakes in the world! If you dream of laying your eyes on this spectacular sight, along with the interesting Wizard Island which is the only cinder cone to rise above the water after the many eruptions in this lake, come to Crater Lake!