Down by the Bay

Where the Little Hermit Sings

Greetings from the Shore

Yermit here, the hermit good that lives in the woods. This week I will be talking about a strange happening that occur this past weekend.

As we all know, I am quite the recluse. I hardly ever leave my humble abode in the forest, but when I do, I go to the shipyard. Actually, I really enjoy going to the shipyard and greeting the sailors, so I took a walk down to the pier like I do every so often at precisely 12:30. Now usually nothing exciting happens. A few ships dock and dock out. Sometimes I’ll feed the seagulls, but it’s the same routine, same people, and same old me at the pier. In fact, I’ve met almost all the sailors who use the pier to dock their boats. I’ve even become very fond of them. I especially enjoy their singing, and I think I’ve become quite the singer myself, and I’ve been told it even helps to cleanse themselves of their wrongdoings (like killing an albatross). You see most sailors back them believed that albatrosses brought good luck, so to kill one was like a death sentence.

Like any other day I was singing my beautiful song watching all the ships pass by. One of the ships had just docked, and I began a friendly conversation with the Captain Abby. What we saw next might make you fall of your seats so hang tight.

Yermit the Hermit

Yermit the Hermit has become quite famous among the sailors here at the bay. Often praying and blessing those who have lost their way in life, Yermit's ear are ready to listen. Speaking of listening, Yermit will be releasing a series of songs about everything foamy, salty, and fishy. Check out some of the songs below or go to iTunes!
Adventure Time - I'm on a boat
Rod Stewart - "Sailing" (Official Music Video)
The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea


To the Rescue!

Abby: My morning was quite uneventful. I hadn’t planned on docking in so soon, but my knee was telling me a storm was brewing. Good thing I did. Right as I anchored my ship, the wind started to pick. If I hadn’t anchored and tied down my ship, I think it would have flown away. If anyone were out in the water, they would have never found their way home. Then suddenly, out of the waves, we spotted something bobbing in the distance, strange lights and a ship! It seemed to be caught in the current, so another sailor, Yermit, and I rode a boat to rescue whoever was signaling us.

Yermit: As we approached the ship, we tried to call out to whoever was no board, but no one replied. All the sails had come loose like white flags surrendering to the angry sea. They dragged in the air like the leaves along my forest floor during a great storm when all the animals are restless and the owls whoop at the wolves.

Abby: That’s about the time when I looked over at you and yelled, “OMG this ship looks really scary and spooky! My knees have a bad feeling !”

Yermit: Yeah, and then I cheered “Push on, push on!”

Abby: As the ship began to sink like lead, we spotted a man floating in the waves, and dragged him on board of our small boat.

Yermit: Then something extraordinary happened. As we rowed away, a whirl pool had been created by the sinking ship. The little boat did not stand a chance against the massive hole in the sea. It started spinning around like a broken compass needle. We each grabbed an oar and rowed away. Exhausted and weak, we managed to may our way back to the pier.

Abby: Then, as I checked the man who we had just saved, he began to move his lips to say something. Terrified, I feinted.

Yermit: It was quite funny. With just the other sailor and I left conscious, he rowed the boat as I prayed. I also wrote a few new songs. Look for me on iTunes!

Captain Abby

Known to be a brave and fierce sailor, Captain Abby never backs down from danger and adventure. The only thing the captain fears is the supernatural.

Can't contact Captain Abby? That's probably because there is bad reception in the middle of the ocean. If you want to contact the Captain, I hope you have a messenger albatross.