Located in Eastern Europe

Come Visit Ukraine!

Ukraine is a wonderful country with beautiful cites like Kiev, Kharkiv, and Odessa. It has a unique culture, wonderful foods, and beautiful beaches. Come and visit Ukraine! Fun for the whole family.

Guarenteed fun fo the whole family!

Some Beautiful Cities to Visit

Popular foods in Ukraine


In Ukraine the summers are warm, and winters are cool. The father you go south, the warmer it gets. The father you go north the colder it gets. The best time to go would be mid summer because it is the warmest that time of the year. If you go in winter, you should bring a jacket, gloves, and a hat. If you go in summer bring shorts and T-shirts.

Come on a Holiday!

Come on Christmas! In Ukraine they celebrate Christmas, like they do in America so don't feel left out.Or come on Europe Day. Europe day is celebrated on the third week in may. They celebrate and are happy being apart of Europe. Or come on Victory Day. Victory day is celebrated about how Ukraine won WW2. It is celebrated on may 9th.

Government and Economy

Ukraine has a Democracy government. Ukraine's currency is the Ukrainian hryvnia. Ukraine's current president is Oeksandr Trchynov. Ukraine's GDP per capita is 3,866.99.And Ukraine's major exports are metals, chemicals, machinery, fuel and petroleum products, transport equipment, and food products.

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Ukraine was in WW1 and WW2. During WW2 the Germans took over Ukraine. Then when the Germans surrendered, then Ukraine got its freedom back. Currently Russia is taking over Crimea once again, after it's control by the USSR was dissolved in the 1980's.