Steam Camp

The best place ever that have done for school before !!!!!

About Steam Camp

Well this is totally the best because one thing is that i was with Mrs.Wilson and I was called Mrs.Smore. I had the best class ever and they are doing a lot of work . I wanted to be with a teacher that is good and talk to me and that is all the teachers and they love me .

My Class

The kids that i have in my class is 15 kids and they are the best . They do their own work and then they play . They do not play in class they play outside when they need to an dthey have fun.

When it starts and ends

It started on July 8 , 2014 and it ends on August 7,2014 and I do not want it to end because it is the BEST class and TEACHER ever. It only is Tuesday, Wesdenday, and Thrusday . This is the best Steam Camp I have ever been to


7-15-14 Today I got to talk to my friend Madison and she play softbal with us. We got to pick our own camp activites and i am helping out with Arts and Crafts.