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September 14th - September 18th

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Catherine McAuley Quote of the Week

"Our whole life should be a continual act of praise and prayer."

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Saint of the Week

St. Robert Bellarmine

Feast Day: September 17th

It is said that Robert Bellarmine was so short that he used to stand on a stool to be seen over the high pulpits of Europe. But he was a giant in many other ways.

Robert, born in Italy in 1542, was the third of ten children in a family in which prayer and serving others were priorities. He entered the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, in 1560. Robert was a brilliant student at the Roman College and eventually taught at the University of Louvain in Belgium. His sermons and his defense of the faith were so powerful that people were attracted from all over, and many were converted. Robert was ordained in 1570, became rector at the Roman College in 1592, and was named superior of the Naples province in 1594. By 1598, he was named a cardinal, and in 1602, he became archbishop of Capua. He was called to Rome in 1605 to work in defense of the Church against heresies. Robert, who was advisor to five popes, was involved in many controversies. One involved the teachings of the scientist Galileo, who was also Robert’s friend. In 1931, Robert was declared a Doctor of the Church.

Like Saint Robert, let us use all our gifts from God. May we study hard, pray often, and serve others so that the world will see the greatness of our God.


  • Lead the students to discuss the importance of studying their faith to be able to witness more effectively. Let them design posters for some of the main beliefs of the Catholic faith expressed in our creeds.

  • Have the students write essays on a truth of the faith that has come to mean more to them in the past year.

Our Lady of Sorrows: September 15th

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows
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Catholic Celebrations This Week

Thursday at 8:30 a.m.: St. Peter's/McAuley Mercy Day Mass with Bishop Rice


We will not have enough room for parents to attend.

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2020-2021 Revised ACT Test Dates

Use the link below to view upcoming ACT testing dates.

The deadline is approaching for the October testing dates, so please make adjustments to your schedules to have time to register if you need to (especially seniors). Take a look at sporting events on weekends...there is a Sunday ACT offering in October.

As always plan on 15-35 minutes to register online--if you're taking it for the first time, it'll take about 35 minutes to register...have your SSN ready as well as your payment information.

~Mrs. Hamilton

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2020-2021 STUCO: Student Body Cabinet

President: Gliza D.

Vice President: Vy L.

Secretary: Grace T.

Treasurer: Sophia A.

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STUCO Class Representative Elections

Below you will find the information regarding elections for St. Peter's and McAuley Catholic STUCO Class Representatives.

For any questions regarding STUCO and elections, please contact Heidi Gardner at hgardner@jacschools.org

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PTA Meeting: Monday, September 21st

September's PTA Meeting

Monday, September 21st at 5:30pm in McAuley's library.


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Review of last meeting's minutes.
  3. Open House feedback
  4. Vote on specific expenditures for school year
  5. Finalize details for fundraisers
  6. Determine process for gathering questions for Director Meeting
  7. Closing Prayer

Zoom log in information

Meeting ID - 785 3586 1533

Password - N924HJ

Blood Drive: Wednesday, September 23rd

We will host our annual blood drive this Wednesday, September 23. All student, parent, and community participants must sign up to participate. The forms are located in the school office.

Flu Shots: Wednesday, October 7th

We are partnering with The Medicine Shoppe to offer flu shots again this year. The flu shots will be given on Wednesday, October 7th starting at 7:30 a.m. We will send paperwork home as it becomes available to us.
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St. Peter's/McAuley September Lunch Menu


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This Week's Lunch Menu

(9/21) BLUE DAY: Sonic, Breakfast Burrito, tater tots

(9/22) GRAY DAY: Festival, Beef Taco, rice, beans

(9/23) BLUE DAY: In-House Catering - Chicken Alfredo, bread, salad

(9/24) GRAY DAY: Pizza Hut, Pepperoni Pizza

(9/25) BLUE DAY: In-House Catering - Hamburger, tots, salad

Questions regarding lunch account balances and information can be sent to Darren Cook at dcook@jacschools.org

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At-Home Learning: Google Classroom

If your child is at home, they can/should still attend classes live through Google Classroom/Google Meet. Below are the bell schedules for each school. Your child's teachers will be live during their classes at school.

If you have any questions or are having trouble joining the live class, please call the school office at 624-9320.

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2020-2021 Friday Dress Schedule

Friday, September 25th- Free Dress Day

Free Dress Day: Students may wear any approved clothing (t-shirts, dress tops, dresses, skirts, etc.). Non-approved items include sweat pants and leggings. Any sweatshirts, hoodies, or jeggings are acceptable. All shorts/skirts/dresses must be no shorter than 5” above the knee. Students are not required to wear belts or have their shirts tucked in on these days. Please make sure that all apparel is of appropriate content. Students do not have to follow the dress code shoe and sock policy. No hats allowed.

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