The Food Program - For Children

The Program That Helps Children At Their Most Vulnerable Age

Why Do You Care?

  • ALL children in care have equal access to nutritious meals
  • Establishing healthy eating habits in young children
  • Educating the adults feeding the young children
  • Decreasing the obesity numbers among young children
  • Parents do not have to prepare last minute meals or stop at at a fast food restaurant on their way to work
  • Supporting licensed child care providers give quality care throughout the year

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) participation, better known as "The Food Program," is a quality indicator among child care professionals.

What Exactly is The Food Program (CACFP)?

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a nutrition education and reimbursement program. Child care facilities participate on the program and feed ALL children, regardless of family income, the exact same nutritious meals.

Studies have shown that child care facilities that are on the food program serve healthier meals than those that are not participants.

If you are a family child care provider looking for a CACFP Sponsor, visit your state's CACFP Sponsor directory or you can visit

To learn more visit Food and Nutrition Services of USDA:

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The California Food Policy Adovcates (CFPA) and (CCI).