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Welcome To Our November - December 2022 Parent Newsletter

Coordinator Corner

Welcome to November. I hope that this newsletter finds you well as you approach the winter months.

Review of Provincial Standards: Illness (10C)

As we are fully immersed in cold and flu season, I would like to remind parents that even though Covid restrictions have been lifted, your educator must still continue to follow the Provincial Standard for Illness (Standard 10C). If your child develops a fever (over 38C), an unexplained rash, pink eye, diarrhea, vomiting and persistent cough, your educator will be calling you to come pick up your child immediately. As much as this is an inconvenience, it is there to safeguard you child’s day home educator, their family, and the other children attending the day home. Thank you for cooperation in this matter. If your child has any of these symptoms, or any other symptoms that may be an indication of a childhood disease (Hand, Foot and Mouth, for example) or COVID-19, please do not send them to their day home. For your reference, please see the link below.

Fees, withdrawals, and subsidy

It still remains busy at the Agency as the staff continue to navigate the changes implemented for the Bilateral $10 a day childcare agreement. Please see below for some clarifications and reminders:

Monthly Withdrawals

Due to the additional time processing Subsidy and the Affordability Grant, the Agency would like to inform you that from November 2022 onwards, your monthly withdrawal will take place on the fifth business banking day of the month.

Subsidy Renewals

The Agency would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to manage your subsidy renewal. Please be aware that when you first apply for subsidy you will receive an initial two month approval. It is then contingent on you to provide the documentation requested by the subsidy office in order to extend that two month conditional approval. The Agency cannot apply subsidy credits without proof that you are eligible.

Have a great November and December

Emma Dajavs


Upcoming Holidays

November 11, Friday - Remembrance Day (Agency will be closed)

December 23 - January 2 - Christmas and New Year (Agency will be closed)


❄️Importance of Outdoor Play during Winter ☃️

“You cannot go outside. It’s cold. You’ll get sick!” This is the most common thing children hear during winter. “Outdoor winter play has long been blamed for colds and the flu…..Although going outside unprepared for the elements is unwise, viruses that are spread by other human beings and cause colds and the flu are indoor.” (Dodds, 2017) Playing outdoors is not just for fun and gross motor activity. It has several other benefits, like reduced risk of myopia (nearsightedness), improved learning outcomes, increased positive behavior and better mental health. (Glassy, n.d.) According to the article by Anne Dodd, a Child Care Health Consultant, the some of the benefits of winter outdoor plays are as follows:

1. Breathe fresh air

Though we tend to blame cold winter air for colds and flu, the indoor air, which is full of bacteria, dirt, dander, and other germs, that is recycled through the air vent over and over, is the main culprit for it. The more children are indoor, the more they are exposed to it. In fresh, outdoor air, children do not have to rebreathe the germs of the group, and the chance for spreading infection is reduced.

2. Strengthen immune system

If we dress up our children properly for the weather, outdoor play can help not just the healthy ones but also the sick kids. It gives them an escape from indoor germs and bacteria. The more we are outside, the stronger is our autoimmune system and resistance to allergies. Studies have shown that children in rural areas or those who are active outside have the best overall health.

3. Engage in physical exercise

The California Childcare Health Program states outdoor play during winter “gives children an opportunity for a change of environment, a balance in play and routine, and large muscle activities (gross-motor development).” Children are still growing during the winter months. Extended time of inactivity is not conducive to their muscular development. Physical activity gives your immune system a power surge for a full 24 hours. A stronger immune system leads to less illness and less use of antibiotics.

4. Stimulate the imagination

The natural environment that children can find outdoors during winter months provide a lot of ways to stimulate children’s imagination through play. If they like building, they can build snow forts with tunnels, or snowman. If they like exploring and you have access to a park, you can go for a wildlife hike and look for birds and other animals. Something as simple as building a silly snowman utilizes problem solving and imaginative skills that a children would not be using while sitting on the couch.

So, bundle up the children in layers and let them play outside during winter to make them stronger and healthier.


Dodds, A. (2017, January). Cold Weather Outdoor Play Boosts Immune System! 5.

Glassy, D. (n.d.). Playing Outside: Why It's Important for Kids. Retrieved October 26, 2022, from


🔦 Educator Spotlight

Diwali celebration at Sharanjit Chokkar

Diwali is the Indian “festival of lights”—a holiday that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. This year, Diwali celebrated on October 24. Though technically religious, it’s also become a cultural event in North America that’s celebrated with sweets and special foods.

The children demonstrated a disposition of Participating when they gathered to celebrate this event in Sharn’s front yard. The children were engaged with one another in this big event to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Thank you for the parents who showed up to support children’s participation with others as you notice and name, model and invite each child’s unique ways to communicate and participation in play and learning experiences.


Reminders 📝

  • Some Educators may have their own holiday policy. Please find out it they do, what it is and what this will look like for coming months.

  • Since the weather is getting colder, please dress your child/ren accordingly, and send a spare pair of clothes with them, in case their clothes get wet or dirty.


🗓 Upcoming Events

Kid's Clay

Saturday, Nov. 5th, 10am-12pm

5 Saint Anne Street

St. Albert, AB

Family Films at the Library

Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2-4pm

4211 106 Street

Edmonton, AB

Super Dads, Super Kids

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 10am-12:30pm

5600 50 Street

Stony Plain, AB

Preschool Problem Solvers

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 1:30-2pm

4059 Orchards Drive Southwest

Edmonton, AB

Museum Sensory Nights

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 7-9pm

11410 Kingsway Northwest

Edmonton, AB