Mary's Mount Primary School

Term 1, Week 8 - 26 March 2021


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Loving God,
Give us joy in our hearts as we shout Hosanna,
welcoming Jesus our King with palms,
celebrating all that we hope for as the Easter story unfolds.
Then, as the journey of Jesus turns towards Good Friday,
help us know that you are with us when celebration turns to sadness.
Give us the faith we need to follow you
on the way of the cross, which leads to life.


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week with us celebrating Palm Sunday. What is Palm Sunday about? Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a humble donkey to the welcome of the people, many asked:

“Who is this?”

Today people still ask this question. Why not spend some time this weekend remembering who Jesus is for you? As we journey through Holy Week we discover the joy of Christ, the suffering and sacrifice he encountered for us and then the joy in his resurrection. Throughout this week the cross is our focus. It is our focus of our faith. Use this time to reflect and connect with your loved ones. At times our cross that we carry can be a little heavy. Let us be mindful and compassionate to each other and support the cross we carry.


On Thursday morning the School Advisory Council, P&F Executive and staff of Mary's Mount Primary School gathered to celebrate mass together in the St Emilie de Vialiar Chapel. Father Suresh lead our mass and we shared a beautiful breakfast together in the gardens of our school. It was an opportunity for us to celebrate our united purpose, which is to serve the community of Mary's Mount Primary school in a Christ centered student focused mission. The members of each group are committed to shared the vision of our school with the wider community and to speak with one voice in this communication. I am excited and honoured to work with such dedicated people. What a year we have ahead!


In 2020, a decision was made to investigate how the grotto that had previously been a feature of the school could be bought back to life to commemorate the centenary of Mary's Mount Primary School. There has been much discussion, time and quotes provided to the school. The School Advisory Council has deliberated over this and come to a united decision in how to proceed.

I wish for us to refocus our thoughts when we discuss this moving forward. Our intention is to create an outdoor SACRED SPACE for our community. A sacred space at Mary’s Mount Primary School will commemorate the century of the school, which honours tradition and creates a place for prayer and spiritual connection for current, past and future members of the school community. It is a space that will combine our commitment to expressing our Catholic identity and environmental sustainability.

I envisage from the time the first piece of ground is broken, to its opening, the students will have involvement in as much of the project as possible. The ownership of the space by the students was an essential vision. All plants, mulch and path will be put in place by the students or community members. Over the course of the construction, every student in the school will be involved.

I invite community members to fill out the form below to join the working party to bring this SACRED SPACE dream to reality. School Advisory Council members, Dave Vallis and Melanie Tonon along with myself will be a part of the group.


Congratulations to all who participated in the Lapathon and well done to Mrs Smith for coordinating the event. Please see our P&F blurb below to find out more!


We have had reports of increased number of students writing on the walls of the toilet area. I commend the students who have reported this. The staff and leadership team are reinforcing with students that by graffitiing their school they are behaving in a way that breaks the student code of conduct. I would appreciate it if you could please speak with your child/children about the importance of respecting their environment and school property.


This year, our students in Years 3 and 5 will undertake NAPLAN online, commencing on Tuesday 11th May.

Our preparations for this are already well underway. Our teachers will be working during class time to ensure that students are very comfortable with the question styles and formats before sitting the tests. In addition to regular practice questions, we will undertake a coordinated practice test tomorrow.

To assist students, parents and teachers to explore the test format and become familiar with all the tools and settings that can be used in the tests, there is a public demonstrations site available. All parents are invited to explore this site if they are interested.

Have a blessed and joy filled weekend,

Emma Bell


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4;13

Snapshots@ Mary's Mount Week 8


Monday 29 March
  • 9am - Y6 Holy Thursday & Last Supper re-enactment
  • 12.30pm - Parent/Teacher Interviews (Early close)

Tuesday 30 March

  • 2.20pm - Y4 Good Friday/Stations of the Cross re-enactment

Wednesday 31 March

  • 2.20pm - Y3 Easter Sunday re-enactment

Thursday 1 April

  • Merit Assembly
  • 2021 P&F Easter Raffle Draw
  • Interim reports go home

Friday 2 April

  • GOOD FRIDAY - School Closed
** CURRENT TERM 1 PLANNER - Updated 23 March **

Click here to download the most up-to-date Term Planners. Planners are also available for Term 2, 3 and 4 on our website via this link.


Parents of the class presenting the re-enactment are invited to attend the service on that day. (ie Year 5 parents on Friday, Year 6 Parents on Monday, Year 4 Parents on Tuesday, and Year 3 Parents on Wednesday.
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Last week in recognition of Harmony Week all classes reflected on the Choir's One Big Voice song "Jigsaw Family". Listening to words such as "we're all special, 'cause we're all shaped diff'rently" and "know that you're special, and the puzzle isn't finished without you"- we discussed the Harmony Week theme "Everyone Belongs". Students used our discussion to consider how Music, School and the Wider Community helps with our sense of Belonging and in teams created Jigsaw Puzzle Posters.

Inspired by our Incursion this week, these posters will create a section in the Music Room "Wellness Djembe" where classes will enjoy a 10 minute Djembe, Dance and Draw warm up at the start of their weekly music lesson to inspire further creativity and musicality in 2021.

Stephanie Freeman

Music Teacher



Choir families have received an email with log in details for the One Big Voice Student Tab. I encourage students to access this Tab over the school holidays to listen and enjoy the repertoire for the upcoming One Big Voice concert. Students also have access to log in details through the school's Choir Teams Page.

Please note the One Big Voice concert date has been confirmed as August 20, 2021. With MMPS Choir participating in the Evening concert. Please pencil this date into your diary, it's a night not to be missed!! Details regarding concert tickets will be available closer to the concert date.


Yesterday afternoon during Hymn Singing, students were entertained by some of our talented Guitar students. Performers ranged from Year 1 to Year 6, and 4 lessons of experience to a few years of experience. Their performances were thoroughly enjoyed by their peers who buzzed with excitement, applauded & cheered with enthusiasm, and even sung along to some of the songs.

Congratulations to all our budding musicians on your first performance opportunity for 2021. And a big thank you to Greg, our Guitar Tutor, for all the work he does with our guitarists and supporting musical growth at MMPS.

We look forward to sharing some of our other instrumentalists with the school community in Term 2.

Stephanie Freeman

Music Teacher

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A little contribution makes a big difference! Thank you to those families who have donated an item for our Easter Raffle. We'd really love a few more items so that our hampers are sizable and we have enough items to also donate to the Esther Group; a local community group providing much needed support for families in need in our area. Just a small Easter egg or toy would be greatly appreciated. Donations of items and raffle tickets should be delivered to school by no later than next Wednesday 31st March as our raffle will be drawn on Thursday 1st April.

We were very impressed to have two year six students attend our last P&F meeting to request funding for four new chess sets for the school. Our Committee approved the purchase and the students are now looking to set up a Chess Club at school. Thank you Aya and Gabby for your idea and funding request!

And... we are pleased to confirm that all funds raised from this week's Lapathon will be donated to the P&F. We will look to put these funds to a significant school project so watch this space for more details! Thank you Mrs Smith for coordinating this activity and well done to all students and their energetic parents who participated on the day.

Yours in education,

MMPS P&F Committee


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At MMPS we use Mobile Zone to help manage and protect our students while online at school and at home on school devices. Mobile Zone also provides a secure firewall at our school restricting social media and other inappropriate sites and programs for our staff and students. This filtering is just one layer of protection we use at school (in addition to CEWA filtering).


All enrolled MMPS families are entitled to a FREE copy of Family Zone to use at home?

Mary's Mount Primary School want to ensure that students are protected on the internet, no matter what device they are on or what source of internet they are using. Therefore we have arranged for parents to have access to Family Zone’s Mobile Zone app.

If you would like to get started now, simply click on the link below to 'SIGN UP' or contact the Family Zone Support Team on 1300 398 326.

Please be assured that the school and Family Zone take your privacy and security seriously. For more information - Privacy and Customer Detail & Security Policy.

For more information on Family Zone at Mary's Mount Primary School, please visit our school's information page here - where you will find alot of information including video's, to help you as a parent, navigate the online world with your children.

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If you would like more information on this, or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Gabby Hoffmann

IT Coordinator


After the fantastic effort by everyone on Wednesday. don't forget to bring your LAPATHON Sponsorship cards in to the school office next week!


Interviews for students who will be entering 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kindergarten in 2022 will be commencing in Term 2.

If you have a child who falls into this group of students, please ensure you have submitted an application for them prior to 30 March 2021 so we can consider them for the first round of interviews.

Applications can be downloaded from our school website via here.


3 Year Old Kindergarten

  • Three years old by 30 June 2022

4 Year Old Kindergarten

  • Four years old by 30 June 2022


  • Application submitted to MMPS and $25 enrolment deposit paid.
  • Letter sent to families who have applied inviting them to attend an interview.
  • Interview with both parents / guardians and prospective student.
  • Letters of offer sent to successful families at completion of all interviews.
  • Signed letter of offer returned to school and $100 enrolment deposit paid.
  • Orientation for all new students and families will be held in Term 4.


We also have a number of school tours scheduled for new prospective families, so if you know of any families who are thinking of joining the MMPS community, please invite them to register for a school tour.

Upcoming Enrolment Tour Dates - Please register via

Tuesday 30 March @ 9.30am (includes visit to 4K class)


Yay, our canteen is back in business! A special thank you to Michelle Sanderson, Natasha Hansen and Angelina Pang-Biggen who worked hard today to prepare and deliver recess and lunch orders for our very excited students. Thanks also to our parents for supporting our canteen! The canteen was very busy today and the orders were a mile long.

But... we can't keep the canteen open without volunteers. Michelle is in need of two volunteers to help out next Friday 26 March. If you can help, please contact the school office via email We will then be putting together a roster for next term, so please let us know if and when you can help out. No experience necessary.


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Mary’s Mount Primary School is the parish school for Holy Family Church in Kalamunda.

Fr Suresh celebrates mass at the beginning of each term, for solemnities and special feast days and offers reconciliation to students who are preparing to receive their Sacraments.

Parish Priest : Fr Antony Suresh

Parish Secretary : Louisa Sizer


If you have something you would like to submit to the school newsletter, please email your submission by Wednesday for inclusion in the weekly newsletter.