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Linda King, 1st grade JCMES

How can it be???

How can we already be at the end of 1st grade? The year really has passed quickly! I have enjoyed my time at JCMES and with this group of kids! If you have not already heard, I am retiring at the end of this school year. While I will miss a lot of what happens in school, I am also looking forward to some new adventures; traveling and getting involved in some volunteer organizations. Thank you, thank you for the warmth and support you have given this year. Having had such a successful year is a great way to go out!

Things to do over the summer

Learning is a year round activity!!

1. READ! Read to your child, read with your child and encourage them to read independently! The summer slide is real for kids who don't continue to read! (This is a phenomenon where children end the year reading on one level and return at the end of summer steps back from where they were!) Reading is a lifelong pursuit! Let them see you read. What you value, they will value! Village Library offers a fun summer reading program that offers PRIZES! And its FREE!!

2. Encourage your child to WRITE! They can write letters, keep a journal of summer activities, make lists (like a grocery list for you!)....there are endless possibilities! Authentic opportunities to write are best. If they write to me, I will write them back!

Linda King

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3. Cook together. The measuring required in cooking is great for math development! Also, baking offers a chance to explore some chemistry (like how when baking a cake, the batter goes from a liquid to a solid when heat is added!)

4. Build something together. Home Depot offers kids building opportunities with bird houses and other small items.

5. Learn something new. Your family can work together on learning about another country or culture. Explore a science topic of interest. There are a lot of local opportunities for related experiences! (JMU has a free planetarium on Saturdays, visit a farm, check out one of the local historic many possibilities!)

6. Grow something together! Studies have shown that being in and working with nature can help children focus, develop patience and has a calming affect.

7. Go technology free for a time each day. Practice talking and listening without the distraction of TV, phones, tablets or other devices. True conversation is becoming a lost art!