Friday: 411

September 25th: Payday

Week 5

Can you believe it's almost October? Next week is the end of the first 6 weeks. It's been a great beginning! Yesterday the core teachers met about the 9 week test. Traci and I will be sending out more information in the coming weeks. Next week:

Monday: Kaufman spirit day to represent the girls vs. Crandall

Tuesday: College jersey/spirit day

Wednesday: Professional dress

Thursday: NFL jersey/spirit day

Friday: Black and Gold Day

Overall, we are doing a great job at everything up here - including dress. Emails about these things are to keep all of us on the same page and all accountable to each other. I understand that we need reminders, and I'm trying to do a better job at communicating these things.

There were several highlights this week. Mr. Dougherty's scavenger hunt was one. Well done, Mr. D. If you had a chance to see the kids, they were competitive - and the work was legit. Mr. Dougherty wins the step count for the week!

Why Were We Chosen For This Job?

  • Because we get up everyday knowing that our life affects many. We are the pebbles in the pond.
  • Because we don't believe in excuses, and we don't allow kids to be victims.
  • Because we know that the only important jobs are the hard ones.
  • Because we know that being patient and kind allows us to be tough.
  • Because we have faith in the future.

Upcoming Dates......

September 28th: Drug Testing

September 30th: Deadline for Exchange Days

October 1st: Pep Rally & Flu Shots @ Admin.

October 2nd: Early Release

October 3rd: Band Booster Garage Sale @ Houston St. & Washington St.

October 5th: Fair Day


Roland and Posey and HERO......That Powerpoint was awesome! I hope y'all enjoy this program. I don't know any other school that does it. KUDOS to y'all and HERO for inventing it. The data should show that kids are growing up way different than we did. We don't live in "Leave it to Beaver" Land. That ship has sailed. We are on a new ship now, and I'm glad to be on it with y'all.....despite the rough seas at times.

Mr. Holland.....for being nominated for best JH Texas History teacher in the state....let's hope he wins!

Mrs. Mitchell......for single-handedly putting together the 9 week test plan.

Mrs. McDermott.....for making the department's academic vocab. quizzes and putting them in Aware.

Ward-Gatti Round 9

If you get a chance. YouTube has up all of the HBO "Legendary Nights" episodes. The one on Ward-Gatti is fantastic (they all are). It's also sad. Gatti passed away several years ago (a lot of questions remain about what actually happened on the night he died). The two of them became great friends. Ward even trained Gatti at the end of his career. They were both what you call "honest fighters" which means they don't dance. Even the oldest fight fan in the world will probably say this is the greatest round of all time.
2002-05-18 Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward (round 9)